In the Dead of Winter -- New Nordschleife season!

In the Dead of Winter -- New Nordschleife season! 1.1

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Happy New Year friends! It's been a long time since I uploaded a mod! But I'm back, and will be working on projects, albeit intermittently :)


Ever wanted to race at the Nordschleife during the off-season or the initial VLN races? I know for me I prefer the look of the Green Hell in winter. Now, you can become Connor DiPhillippi in Assetto Corsa with this mod! Simply drop the new files in the ks_nordschleife location, or as the readme.ini indicates :) This effectively provides 3 seasons at the Nurburgring now: summer, autumn (with some of the fine mods already here at RD) and winter!

Credit to Joshkerr for some of the additional trackside detail files and real 2016/17 banners. Check out his autumn Nords mod here on RD!



Bernd Graf's graphics bright mod used

Latest updates

  1. tree and trackside object improvements

    So much has been improved, friends! Here's the changelog: Improved grass color and relative...

Latest reviews

honestly, more than 5 immersive, especially in exactly shows the Eifel Germany as it is. Thank you. Is it possible to do this for more middle european tracks?
I can no longer imagine driving here any other way. Really satisfying work.. thanks so much. Btw, it looks especially good with the new Pure weather script set to Haze and early morning (07-0800). Highly recommended.
Absolutely stunning, thanks for your work!
great mod
Absolutely stellar work! Went to the 'Schleife last week, track was closed because of snow, but this looks very, very nice and accurate compared to my pictures (we went to quite a few corners)
Really gloomy, damp great atmosphere, feels allot closer to the reality you see in most of the footage from the place. Great work.
Just excellent! great atmosphere. Thank you
Wow! that is most authentic, great atmosphere.
Feels like a cold day in winter, very immersive.
Texturing and trees are a work of Art.
Very well done get a job at AC
Every update is a game changer. It´s one of the best work outthere. Thank you so much for this incredible piece of art.
Bernd Graf
Bernd Graf
You are most welcome, Dreamliner, still tweaking little things slowly but surely through the track's 300 or so texture files...another update may be coming :)
Really love this. Thanks!
Great quality, like usual. Thank you!
would you like to reduce branch of trees like in the winter monza track ? im sure this makes the trees look more beautiful in far distances..thanks
Bernd Graf
Bernd Graf
I'm sorry, what? Reduce branch of trees?
Looks nice so five stars, but have I just overwritten the default Kunos Nords? I can't activate this as a mod using JSGME, and now when I select the Kunos Nords this winter version loads. How do I get the original Nords back, and how do I switch between the two..? I've got a horrible feeling my default Kunos Nords has gone for good. Please don't suggest verifying Steam cache as that will bork a whole host of other mods.
Bernd Graf
Bernd Graf
Unless you crack open the Nords kn5 file, you cannot overwrite the original game files...they exist in a hidden folder. The file destination of these files essentially override the summer foliage coded by Simone :) Deleting them will revert the Nordschleife.
Great to have you back, Bernd!! Nice work on the trees, very immersive :-)
Many thanks for this great mod. It´s a pleasure to drive and explore the Schleife in this condition. Looks like a total new track in Assetto right now.
Great Quality without any doubts.
Bernd Graf
Bernd Graf
I typically compress all necessary files down to DXT5 or lower for convenience...not as good as uncompressed files, but AC works on such a variety of platforms, why stop? plus, it boosted the fps I get there by 5...I love fps gains!
Excellent layout/scenery! But this does overwrite the Original Nordschleife(?) I'm doing something wrong I guess. Where do I put the files? Thanks anyway. Cheers Robin_NL
Bernd Graf
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