Kičevo 2.0

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Kičevo v2.0a for Assetto Corsa
  • location: Kičevo (Kichevo), Macedonia, Republic of Macedonia, FYR Macedonia, the former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia, Македонија
  • type: Military Base Polygon
  • length: 2km /1.24 miles
  • pit boxes: 22
version 2.0a:
-replaced ugly 2D AC spectators with 3D Spectators (1500)
-new distant landscape
-added 3d marshals, trackside cars, and tanks :)
-retextured/added glass reflections on buildings
-work on materials and textures
- new AI pit line
-adjusted AI track limits

Bonus versions for supporters:
-Kičevo reverse
-Kičevo Autumn: retextured version w/o racing elements- the military base test track with suspension test polygon.

This circuit is located on a military base polygon in Kichevo, Macedonia. It is used as a venue in the Macedonian racing championship. Its narrow and bumpy track and dangerous runoff areas offer very close competition, very little space for error and guarantees an exciting race! Some say it is more like a tarmac rally stage than a race circuit :)

The track is originally created for racing simulations by Nothke.
It was a low poly track with some really low res textures, the whole track pack was about 15mb :) But it was really fun to drive.

I have tried to improve it, mostly all the textures are new.
I have added hi-poly road mesh, dynamic grooves, some 3d objects, 3d grass, landscape, and re-arranged trees and plants along the track based on google earth satellite image.

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  1. Kičevo version 2.0; Reverse and Autumn;

    Kičevo v2.0a for Assetto Corsa location: Kičevo (Kichevo), Macedonia, Republic of Macedonia...

Latest reviews

Wow. Stalker/dayZ feeling over this track =)
Nice to drive on and looks beautiful!
Here is a little video driving it with a Skoda 130 RS Rally:
Thank you very much. It's wonderful! Autumn night sky is beautiful.
For some reason I have missed this track until now. What a nice little track for small low powered cars. I love it!
Great small playground with a lot of details. Really immersive!
Very good
Best moder for Assetto Corsa!
SOOOOOO much fun, had a blast running cars like the Lotus 3 Eleven and Porsche 911 GT3's around this. The AI is fun to race as well (if you hassle them they make mistakes and will bounce off into the undergrowth hahahahah) - great work, highly recommended if you like challenging, undulating tracks with some awesome twisty bits too. THANK YOU!
Circuit beautiful to look, On the other hand lack of collision with the trees.
video the track
Superb, the looks are great and even the layout is fun. This track is a MUST! It deserves even 6 stars. Well done. thx
Looks so natural and real, Excellent Track!!!
Thank You!!!!
Excellent short, tight and technical track. Looks great also in vr.
One of my favourite tracks. Short, technical and a lot of fun. Looks pretty and works well in vr. Outstanding job!
Everything from Lemax is a must have, and this track is no exception! love the "playground" and surrounded by that beautiful autumn foliage. I really like the atmosphere of this track, with those colors and no barriers or people reminds me a lot of the game Stalker.
Awesome track, now even better!
I liked it before but now it's even better with those additions. Thank you!
Fantastic! Thank you, very much appreciated.
Beautifully crafted. Thank you for sharing.
Well Done.
Love the club-racing feel.
Haven't tried it yet, but giving it 5 stars to counter the moron who thinks there's no such country as Macedonia.
fantastic work <3 thank you very much :)
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