Glava Zete

Glava Zete 1.0

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Glava Zete v1.0 for Assetto Corsa by lemax

-location: Bogetici, Montenegro
-type: Temporary hill climb course
-length: 6.95km /4.31 miles
-pit spots: 6

6 versions of the track:
-Glava Zete hillclimb;
-Glava Zete downhill;
-Glava Zete up&down hill rally/dirt; fictional gravel surface without traffic elements like safety barriers;
-Glava Zete up&down hill AUTUMN;
pit spots: 14;
retextured versions with 'colder' ambient without spectators, cones, tires, etc.

-High-Density Road Mesh
-High-Quality Textures
-3D spectators
-3D grass
-Working AI
-Trackside cameras
-LOD optimization

The 0.9.3. version is almost completely rebuilt.
And I hope that this track is on the same level as AC official hill climb track.
New road mesh with smoother edges, new textures, new trackside objects(every single object is edited), new trees, bushes, rocks.
Removed collision from pit objects because someone was complaining that bus or truck can be stuck and then no go.
Who drives a bus on hill climb stage :/ :D

The free version is Glava Zete hill climb with the asphalt surface.
The free version is fully functional and it is my free contribution to the sim racing community.

Other versions of the track are for the supporters of my work and donators:
-Glava Zete asphalt downhill;;
-Glava Zete up&down hill rally/dirt with fictional gravel surface;;
-Glava Zete up&down hill AUTUMN- I call it Need For Speed stage with Silent Hill ambient :); This is completely retextured version without cones, spectators, pit tents... Just ordinary everyday road with 14 pit boxes and working AI.

You don't have to donate for the full version of the track if you think it doesn't worth it or you just don't like it.
Simple as that.
Drive the free version or delete it :)
There are hundreds of other tracks for Asseto Corsa all over the internet.


z9.jpg z7.jpg z1.jpg z11.jpg z13.jpg z10.jpg z19.jpg z5.jpg

Latest updates

  1. Glava Zete v1.0

    Glava Zete v1.0 for Assetto Corsa by lemax -location: Bogetici, Montenegro -type: Temporary...
  2. Glava Zete Hillclimb v0.9.3

    Glava Zete hillclimb for Assetto Corsa by lemax length: 6.9km pit boxes: 6 trackside cameras...
  3. v0.9.1 -new objects, 3d spectators, new cameras...

    version 0.9.1: -fix for "hotlap" and "race mode" version 0.9: -new trackside and pit...

Latest reviews

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This was really made with love and passion. Amazing.
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Very nice!
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Thank You =)
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Just wow <3 I mean, the texture quality, the detail, really a great job.
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Very nice looking road
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Excellent track. Great texture work and a blast to whip the Huracan around it
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Just enjoy the drive!
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make it 16 pits pls for online
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Fun course. Great job!
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Another fantastic track! Fun to drive and looks awsome.
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perfect track HQ, thanks for this wonderful job.
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great track. difficult curves, great textures. mega fun to drive on it. amazing replay cams. love it.
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love hill climbs tracks it is ok, but only woks in practice , you try it online so you can race with a mate it will not work online love your work to.
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Incredible track!This track is so detailed its almost real!Great job!
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buen aporte a la comunidad, gracias.
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thank you very much.
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Version 1.0 is very good. And also good AI behaviour. A video of the track in action at night
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Beautiful Track, really a good job, I have donated now to have all ..... Good and thank you
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