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Ušće Belgrade
This legendary race, held on the streets of Belgrade since late 1960s, in the park on the confluence of two mighty rivers, has always been a high point in the calendar for it's prestige.. The "Monaco" of Yugoslavia. The track is tight and features high curbs and fast corners..

The track is infamous for it's danger. Barely allowed by FIA, safety levels were questionable and criticized throughout almost all the races held, which culminated in 2005 after unfortunate events, eventually kicking it off from the calendar for almost ten years.

'Usce-Nagrada Beograda' is FIA CEZ circuit for 2019 calendar.


Track Features:​
  • location: Belgrade, Serbia​
  • type: Temporary street circuit​
  • length: 2.3km/1.4 miles​
  • width:~7m​
  • pit boxes: 26​
  • HQ road mesh​
  • 3D spectators​
  • originally created for rFactor1 by Nothke​
  • converted and updated for Assetto Corsa by lemax​
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  1. new trackside objects and AI tweaks;

    update v1.2: +increased track ambient lighting +AI tweaks for 1st and 3rd corner +slightly...

Latest reviews

Thanks for making some most enjoyable tracks :)
Awesome Work. Realistic Track. XD
Awesome work. Great track. Thanks a lot!!!
Really fun track, thank you
Nice little fun layout for slower cars.
The surface feels a little low poly, as the bumps feel a little to severe but maybe that's how the road really is but I doubt it.
Either way it's still pretty fun to blast around.
The best track backgrounds , shame more cannot have that good detail as you put in Lemax, superb as usual
Nice !!!
you make a work of art from a "simple" square track, simply amazing and fun to drive, not much room for drifting but I'll through some angles anyways lol
Cracking job, thank you!
Thanks for updates
Yup, you got the lighting and the bumps just right now. It's great to see where you're going. Good job.
Great great track. If you ignore the signage, it looks a lot like the America suburbs behind shopping malls. Great urban environment.
Short and sweet. Nice visuals and crazy bumps! Good job. I look forward to any updates as time goes on.
Wonderful little but tricky track, especially fun with 90's DTM and vintage cars. Many thanks and great work, Sir!
Love this track and update. Simple but fun!
Looks great and runs with steady framerate in VR. Nice realistic road feel with all the small bumps that I would expect to find on a temporary street circuit.
Thank you.
Very enjoyable particularly with 50's and 60's sedans and sports cars.
Well done.
The bumps give the immersion of a road race track like that.
Thank you for the great work.