1. Lemax

    Lemalands 0.2

    Lemalands Modeling this fictional track years ago, I wanted to create something that feels historical. The layout is quite simple and the entire track is simple comparing it to sim racing standards that we have today. I don't like releasing anything in these early stages, because missing track...
  2. Lemax

    Ušće Beograd 1.2

    Ušće Belgrade This legendary race, held on the streets of Belgrade since late 1960s, in the park on the confluence of two mighty rivers, has always been a high point in the calendar for it's prestige.. The "Monaco" of Yugoslavia. The track is tight and features high curbs and fast corners...
  3. Lemax

    Kičevo 2.0

    Kičevo v2.0a for Assetto Corsa location: Kičevo (Kichevo), Macedonia, Republic of Macedonia, FYR Macedonia, the former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia, Македонија type: Military Base Polygon length: 2km /1.24 miles pit boxes: 22 version 2.0a: -replaced ugly 2D AC spectators with 3D Spectators...
  4. Lemax

    Hope RaceTrack 2017-08-06

    Hope RaceTrack v1.0 I present you Hope RaceTrack, a fantasy race track that I made five years ago and now it is rebuilt for Assetto Corsa. This is pure fictional track and it's not based on any other (real) track. I have made in the past some real tracks from Balkan Peninsula and suddenly I...
  5. Lemax

    Miseluk 1.0

    Mišeluk racetrack v1.0 for Assetto Corsa by lemax -free (demo) version 1.0 _______________________________________________________ First of all, this is free version of the Mišeluk v1.0 track package and contains 2 layouts: Gymkhana (drift) & 1-NA-1 (drag). (sadly)This is my first payware track...
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