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Inmersive Filter - AC.Competizione + SOL + SSAO v2.0

This is a filter i made by myself trying to make AC looks like ACC

  1. el_mattpro
    Read the last update if something looks wrong in SOL WeatherFX
    Working on right now 28/03/2019

    Special Thanks to Kelnor and x4fab (discord) to help me to figured out how to soft headlights + track lights and people from shader group to help me to improve my work,
    Want to thanks x4fab again now because of SSAO implementation to the engine, you need to know that to use the SSAO function you'll need the Latest Custom Shader Lights mod Obligatory.
    This still a W.i.P function and it may have glitchs-bugs-artifacts-fps drops- etc... any thing you found, sent it to me and i'll try to work on it. Thanks.

    SSAO ON#OFF Comparison



    Tutorial - How to take screenshots in AC


    Sol v1.4.8 Inmersive

    Sol v1.4.2 Inmersive
    Sol v1.4.1 Inmersive
    View attachment 287150

    SOL Preset + SOL weatherFX + SSAO
    View attachment 287096 View attachment 287097 Screenshot_ks_lamborghini_huracan_gt3_daytona_2017_20-1-119-19-56-4.jpg

    VividHC + Night v1.2.0
    View attachment 283637 View attachment 283639 Screenshot_ks_audi_r18_etron_quattro_daytona_2017_29-12-118-12-12-47.jpg View attachment 283636

    This is a Work In Progress, so it will have Updates
    I accept critics, so if you can rate-download and tell me what i need to improve, i'll be glad to help and update the Filter!

    My Monitor Brightness: 100%
    My Monitor Contrast: 32%

    My In-Game Settings: (High-Med Optimized)
    Saturation: 85-93% (85% in screens) (100% on 9.5v)
    Exposure: 100%
    (Users ask for my settings to avoid the flickering with [FEEDBACK[ so why not to share with everyone?, here it is my Settings in Content Manager, same as Screenshots)
    Sin título.jpg
    GTX750Ti Msi OC + Phenom II x4 955 B.E 3.2Ghz + 8GB DDR3 1333Mhz Kingstone

    If you have a weak PC than mine, i recomend to you to disable:
    Motion Blur / Depth Of Field / Heat Shimmering / MSAA / Reflections: Rendering Frecuency -> STATIC.
    You'll have a great FPS boost for the GPU without to many changes in-game graphics overall :)

    How to Install

    Instructions inside the .rar -Instruction.txt-

    No - Sol Weather ppfilter version
    Common issues: SHADOW - CLOUD FLICKER
    Fix: "Inmersive_ACC_Final_FlickeringFix.ini" is the base filter without [FEEDBACK] enable (or if you're using the dark version, just open the .ini and disable [FEEDBACK]

    Game to bright? Ok: I recently added a new ".ini" file, called
    "Inmersive_ACC_Final_Dark.ini", with lower brightness-gamma-contrast settings to make the clouds and whites less bright.
    Tip: Changing in-game brightness with "AV Pag - Re Pag" buttons can help, when Exposure go below 50% you'll notice a little change, maybe this can fix your brightness problem, if not.. just leave it at 100% and i'll try to fix it by the .ini file.

    Game to Dark? Ok then:
    If you want to make brighter the darker areas and shadows, open the .ini preset you want to modify and change the line under [TONEMAPPING] - "GAMMA=0.30" (vivid preset value) to something higher, this will change every single shadow (the darkest it can get), remember that GAMMA will affect lightning too, so if you want to make this equilibrate, while you add Gamma, down the same amount (or a bit less) of "BRIGHTNESS=0.43" under line [COLOR] (at the bottom of the .ini).

    If you want to disable the VIGNETTE effect, open the .ini file and search for [VIGNETTING] and edit the line: STRENGTH="0.2" to "0"

    Inside car Leds bloom (Also affect sunlight)
    Thanks to @mathdels for tweak the filter to achieve a better experience if you have problems with the bloom inside the car (Steering Wheel leds, and other luminance stuff inside the car). Adjust this lines under [GLARE]:

    SHAPE_BLOOM_LUMINANCE=7 (affect sunlight and lights overall + reflections)

    Sunlight Fix only (if it is to bright for you)
    To fix this go to the .ini file and search the category [GLARE], now you have different options, the line LUMINANCE=0.08 will modify every single light strengh (from kunoz engine) below that you have SHAPE_BLOOM_LUMINANCE=7 (this one will modify the intensity of this light, the sun and reflections of this) and then SHAPE_BLOOM_DISPERSION=0.0001 (higher the value, less dispersion and more sharper to the image/object this will be, so higher number is less BLOOM)

    How ACC filter works? some people ask me why i upload to many presets, the real thing is... to give you the opportunity to pick the one you like and you'll use.

    ACC filter Final = 3 filters
    Final -> Main filter
    Final -> Dark (for VR)
    Final FlickerFix -> people with flicker problems

    Acc final VIVID = 2 filters
    Vivid.ini -> Main vivid filter (blue-tint)
    VividTweak.ini -> Remove blue tint + fix problems for VR

    Night = 2 filters
    v1 -> main filter (first one, some people love it)
    v3 -> 60% different one, keep the v1 for people that enjoy more the old one

    If you're getting blind only by Sunlight i recommend to change GLARE settings to a lower value in AssettoCorsa settings, Maximum have an incredible amount of Glare, specially on Sunlight. Medium is almost OFF (you'll not get blind), maybe the sweetspot for you will be High.

    Copyright © 10-07-2018 by / @el_mattpro

    All rights reserved. No part of this publication Name or Content may be modify
    (only for personal usage) or distributed, or transmitted in any form or by any means, including recording, external apps, or other electronic or mechanical methods, without the prior written permission of the publisher, except in the case of brief quotations embodied in critical reviews and certain other noncommercial uses permitted by copyright law.
    I do not allowe the use of the name "Inmersive ACC Style" to be used in other filters in RaceDepartment for the game Assetto Corsa made by Kunos Simulazione.
    For permission requests, write to the publisher: @el_mattpro, at the address below.


    1. Screenshot_ks_mercedes_amg_gt3_doningtonpark_22-2-119-18-9-222.jpg

Recent Reviews

  1. TheSenDest
    Version: v2.0
    I just reinstalled the LATEST Shader's patch and Sol alpha and with this version, the daytime is extremely bright. There's no dark .ini anymore so I don't know what settings to change as they aren't relevant to the current version anymore.
    1. el_mattpro
      Author's Response
      This ppfilter was updated for SOL v1.1 Release and Shader path 49+74v, not Alphas or betas from v1.2 Sol or newest/older shader path, every SOL+Shader update makes me re-start the ppfilter config because things change over time and indexed file stop working so the ppfilter will not work properly (mine and any other updated in sol 1.1v) with other versions
  2. peetair36
    Version: v2.0
    Very nice! Thanks!
  3. Matias_zr1
    Version: v1.5.5
    Una delizia ;)
  4. wazzzaa
    Version: v1.5.5
    very cool, could these settings be optimized also for VR ;) ?
    1. el_mattpro
      Author's Response
      Thanks, i'll try to, as i haven't VR i'll need that some friends give me feedback after i made a few changes
  5. shardana07
    Version: v1.5
    1. el_mattpro
      Author's Response
      Thanks/Gracias :)
  6. hillclimber12
    Version: v1.4.8
    Vbbè, che dire?
    Complimenti Matt, e grazie per il tuo lavoro ;)
    1. el_mattpro
      Author's Response
      Grazie per la tua risposta e per le stelle 5/5 Hillclimber12.
      Spero ti piaccia il ppfilter :) Buona notte!
  7. Dajonaga
    Version: v1.4.5
    Gracias pibe!
    1. el_mattpro
      Author's Response
      Gracias a vos por la puntuación ;)
  8. VitaminZeth
    Version: v1.4.5
    Wonderful to see you still updating these filters! I mean the Sol version is purely the one I come here most often for ;) But I was wondering if your still using the same graphics settings when you use Sol? Or do you use entirely different settings? (I'm currently the same settings recommended from 1.3.8 but with the smoke on "Minimum"). I still get stunning results and decent performance
    1. el_mattpro
      Author's Response
      I'm using always the same pics for Screenshot, pretty much "high graphics" but without CPU stress, like in Reflections frames, i only use One Face, that will be a "enable", and 256x256 resolution reflection because... who needs a 4k reflection in a screenshot from far away?... is just useless. I only low reflections and shadows to play against AI or online with 24-32 cars because my CPU is pretty weak and i don't want to bottleneck that hard. Thanks for the review, sadly i can't use ColorGradding until SOL is finished because of some color problems, but ColorGradding was by far my favorite technique to play around and achieve unique colors in my filter, i'm glad that you like the ppfilter even with less technique and effects :) i'll try to improve it the most i can
  9. Gsx31
    Version: v1.4.2
    Hello, I just tested the Inmersive_ACC_SOL knowing that I play VR with an Oculus C1.
    Even with a clear sky, I have a gray veil, as if we had passed a light veil of gray paint outside, but also inside the car.
    In the state, it is clearly not usable.
    PS: The number of stars does not mean that I judge your work, but it just wants to point out a problem.
    1. el_mattpro
      Author's Response
      It's ok, i saw that error in One Screen setup, i don't own VR so i can't check it by myself but i'm sure of what you're talking about, to avoid that, yesterday i remade the filter with no color grading (it was making the blacks -Grey and the Whites Darker) so now the problem is fixed, i just need to update it when i finish the tweaks, maybe tomorrow or today at night i'll update the filter. Thanks for the review
  10. EdwardFFS
    Version: v1.4.2
    I've been following this for a while, but after trying that SOL variant I just had to come back here to give feedback. Amazing work. However, it seems a bit too dark at night, even at 150% ligthing. Since 24h races might be a thing, I thought to leave you this sugestion. It's just that close to be being complete. Cheers mate
    1. el_mattpro
      Author's Response
      Since the last update until today, i has been modifying a lot of things in the ppfilter, but at the same time i was working on modifying SOL configs to make weather looks like i want, for example, i modify SOL to make Night brighter so we are able to see the track and objects while racing at night, i'll implement this in the next update, the user must have the same SOL version as i have (in this case Beta 1.2), i'll wait until there's a better release to avoid confusion. Thanks for your review :)
  11. BLAS87
    Version: v1.4.2
    Best AC filters! thank you!
    1. el_mattpro
      Author's Response
      Thanks you for your Review :)
  12. frythedriftguy
    Version: v1.4.2
    I love it, i think you've done a great job quickly adapting to sol and adding to it.
    1. el_mattpro
      Author's Response
      Thanks, is exactly the point of the new SOL preset, this Weather System still changing all day with beta-updates etc... i don't know exactly how this filter will look in 5 months with SOL, but i'll try to keep it updated in every aspect, right now i'm working on getting some colors more accurated, such as oranges and red, that are the most common colors to fail with weather changes. Thanks for the review and Rating :)
  13. Marc Proudfoot
    Marc Proudfoot
    Version: v1.4.0 SOL/SSAO
    Wow. This is the first time I have experimented with filters and keep seeing the magic and beauty of this game. It really changes how things look and feel. Excellent work!
    1. el_mattpro
      Author's Response
      Thanks you for the review, there's an user that point me a problems with darkness and the filter (is a gamma-contrast-colorgrading combination problem) if you're experience this kind of "bug" shadows that looks grey, not black, it'll be fixed in the next update, i'm working on it right now
  14. VitaminZeth
    Version: v1.3.8
    For the most current version, are you still using the same settings for your screenshots? Or has something changed? For I haven't been able to get the paint be reflective enough for the right night shots like yours!
    1. el_mattpro
      Author's Response
      To have reflection on Night Weather you must have the latest shader mod update. A track with LightConfigs (Track Lights). Settings: Reflection - One Face per Frame - Obligatory. The car have to be placed between lights and darkness, the reflection will move depends on your "camera" position, in that case i was using Daytona 2017 mod (Track + Lights for the Track) + Night mod from 2015 that is black sky only (i tweaked it to look brighter, it was too dark by default) a replacement will be Gbw Clear set at 00:00 (Night) - Other thing that can help for night is PostProcess settings set to Maximum, but the one that makes the different is Reflection One Face per Frame and the weather+time+Track Lights
  15. venami
    Version: v1.3.8
    I've been using this for a while now and have to say that it really improves the whole game for me. Together with dynamic lights and the night mod, it makes everything look breathtaking and realistic. I love it!
    1. el_mattpro
      Author's Response
      Thanks you! that was the Goal from the start, make AC the most realistic i can, using a reference of AssettoCorsaCompetizione (that sadly isn't that good as they show before release) but thanks to Dynamic Shader Lights/Custom Shader we're able to take AC to another level! :) I'm glad that you Enjoy it
  16. ExA_Lupo
    Version: v1.3.8
    Amazing Mod man, but I have a question; how can I activate night v6 + vivid hc preset as your screenshot with the AMG GT3?
    Is that possible? ty so much ^^
    1. el_mattpro
      Author's Response
      Thanks for your review! and sorry about that, i forgot to delete the title, before the update there was 2 pictures, 1 Night - 1 Day (with VividHC) i have to delete the pic to add new ones (only 10 pics per Post available) and i forgot to delete the Comment "+VividHC" My bad.!
  17. RasFafa
    Version: v1.3.5
    danke bro
    1. el_mattpro
      Author's Response
      Thanks you for Rating
  18. JBaeumle
    Version: v1.2.1
    It just keeps getting better and better. Been using on and off your filters since launch, thanks a lot!
    1. el_mattpro
      Author's Response
      Thanks you for the review! , i'm glad that you like it :) The goal is to make this one the most accurate posible to ACC look (pretty hard), i never think this will take the time it takes, like 7 months and keep working on it haha, but i hope to reach some day the quality i'm looking for :)
  19. Steve Battaglia
    Steve Battaglia
    Version: 1.2.0
    The ONE and only BEST ppfilters to have.
    Thank you so much man ...and in VR look awesome!!!
    OH YEAH! :)
    1. el_mattpro
      Author's Response
      Thanks you, maybe later i'll add a VR folder with Auto-Exposure disable, some people don't like Exposure for VR. I don't have a VR set so i don't know how it looks in VR i only modify the filter based on the comments/feedback. I'm glad that is working good on VR now :) Thanks for the review
  20. themission2
    Version: 1.2.0
    AWESOME!!! MANY THANKS!!! ;-/)
    1. el_mattpro
      Author's Response
      Thanks you for the review, enjoy :)
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