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What racing gear do you use while sim racing?

  • Gloves

    Votes: 314 20.2%
  • Boots

    Votes: 63 4.1%
  • Gloves + Boots

    Votes: 152 9.8%
  • None

    Votes: 1,025 66.0%


  1. D

    Project Realism Reshade by UltimateDunkel_030 2021-10-07

    Project Realism (Reshade preset for AMS2) (Made by UltimateDunkel_030) We all know that AMS2 looks very good but what if we improve the look of the game a little bit? I present you "Project Realism", a preset for Reshade where the main goal is to make a visual update to the game, making it...
  2. G2_70

    Camera Mod (outdated) 1.0

    Camera Mod Back again with my Camera Mod for F1 2021 :) My Camera Mod fix all ulgy cameras of F1 2021, add some new cameras as well for EVERY Formula 1 car of the game. UPDATE : I won't update the mod anymore, so that mean the "drag and drop" version is outdated. If you want to install my...
  3. Niko_1599

    Niko's Realistic 2021 Database 1.8 (After Italian GP)

    Niko's Realistic 2021 Database 1.8 (After Italian GP) YOU MUST DOWNLOAD AND INSTALL SKYFALL F1 2020 SEASON MOD BEFORE INSTALLING THIS DATABASE MOD. Hi, guys! This time I bring you the new 2021 F1 Season update for your F1 2014 game. The database folder updates the performance of every AI...
  4. Danvanthevacumman

    F1 2020 Is it possible to mod out the ghosting effect for f1 2020?

    The ghosting is where the car will make you invincible and other car may go through you, im talking about solo mode not the multiplayer. Is it possible to mod it out? It really kills my emmersion.
  5. Niko_1599

    Niko's Realistic 2020 Database 1.3.1 (Final)

    Niko's Realistic 2020 Database 1.3.1 (Final) YOU NEED TO DOWNLOAD AND INSTALL SKYFALL F1 2020 SEASON MOD BEFORE INSTALLING THIS DATABASE MOD. Hey guys! Here I bring you the first version of this database after having some real life racing YEY! I'm sorry for taking so long, but covid, uni and...
  6. Bombadil

    AC+2020 0.7b

    AC+2020 is a mod pack containing mods and setup instructions to make Assetto Corsa look like this:
  7. Stereo

    Banana na

    Banana Banana banana banana banana banana. Bananas banana banana banana. Banana banana banana banana banana banana banana banana. Banana banana banana banana, banana banana banana banana. Banana banana 2 bananas. Banana Banana 7z banana /cars/oneweek_banana/ banana banana banana. Banana...
  8. General_Failure

    AMS Natural Light [Real Life Colors] 0.91

    A7 Natural Light PP Filter Version 0.91 How to install: - Extract the ZIP file to your Automobilista directory. - Right click on Automobilista in your steam library and activate the filter "A7 Natural Light" in the configuration tab. Also you can go directly to your AMS dir and run AMS...
  9. Niko_1599

    Niko's Realistic 2019 Database 1.14 (Finale)

    Niko's Realistic 2019 Database - 1.14 (Finale - After Abu Dhabi GP) Hi guys, this is the 2019 Realistic Database Mod for Skyfall Gold Edition v1.5 (Beta), and therefore you must download and install that mod first in order for this database to work properly. I plan to udpate this mod after...
  10. K

    AMAZING PPfilter by Kbeau 2018-07-05

    Hey everyone, this PPfilter is meant to work with the Good and Bad weather mod. Let me know how you like it! Tweak in game saturation as needed, for my monitor it's perfect.
  11. stonehedge24

    F2004 + MP4-20 Complete Overhaul Mod Final

    This Mod replaces the F2002 classic car with the MP4-20 on the F2004 chassis and enhances the F2004 classic car. It overhauls the hole car from the handling to the livery. It is compatible to the Realistic 2018 Season Mod and also indended to be used with that mod (maching UI files). This mod...
  12. el_mattpro

    Inmersive Filter - ACC style + SOL + RESHADE [Photorealism] v13

    V13 Work In Progress - Preview Inmersive Filter v13 - Test (WIP) by Mateo De Bonis, en Flickr Video Preview: How do i take Screenshots? Paypal In case you think is worth for a Donation, i'll post the Donate link below, it'll be very helpfull due to the economy problems we are having in...
  13. Niko_1599

    Niko's Realistic 2014 Database 1.00

    Niko's Realistic 2014 Database - For base F1 2014 game I know it's late, it's been years since F1 2014 game came out and many people don't even play this game anymore. But if for any reason you feel like you want to play something different and decide to return to the 2014 game, then this...