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Horizon Shades 3.2

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Hi guys, I thank you so much for those who contributed something to support me in this MOD. I'm not doing updates because I had to sell my video card because it was getting weak and yielding few FPS, but I haven't bought another one yet due to the price of the video card being very high in my country, equivalent to the value of a popular motorcycle. At the moment I don't have the financial conditions to buy another one that is good enough to play Asseto Corsa and work on updates. Thank you all!

Horizon Shades
Hello friends, I've been working on updates for the HD that serves this new SOL base. With each CSP and SOL update, some things change and it is not always possible to achieve the same result in HS, but I have always been trying to find the balance to maintain the pattern I like, as my friends say, the Master pattern lol. In this new version at 3.2, I made some improvements in lighting, brightness and many details to accompany the new CSP and SOL updates.

Thanks to Kunos for the Assetto Corsa game, to acstuff for the Custom Shaders Patch, PeterBoese for SOL and Prod80 for LUTs.
Thanks to my friend Hauff , who tirelessly tested and helped me direct the right path between my doubts. Get on his Channel, he does a lot of amazing CamTools.

Compatible with VR and Triple Screens

Thank you for using Horizon Shades, I am grateful if you want to contribute a support donation. :thumbsup: Keep yourself safe

USD - U$$↓

EUR - €↓

Videos I made for demonstration, subscribe to my channel to give a strength that’s kind of poor (laughs) and of course stay on top of the next updates of the new Horizon Shades


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  1. Horizon Shades

    Horizon Shades Hello friends, I've been working on updates for the HD that serves this new SOL...

Latest reviews

I love it although it looks even better with reshade. Hope you continue the efforts. God bless
The filter still is one of the best out there, but is there any updates coming?? DO you got your new graphicscard?
bro i am downloaded horizon shades but there is a problem in RSS cars, tyres are becoming gray (its a very bad gray)
can you help me?(only RSS cars)
It's incredible. It looks awesome but i don't like the amount of blur (personal preference).
Incredible work.
Does it work with the latest versions of SOL and CSP or is it necessary to use the versions described in the guide?
Thank's for your job.
loving it!!!! assetto corsa looking better than ever! thank you.
its a great filter. i am using the gt one. its basically pretty darn accurate no matter the time of year, or time of day. in the game no one setting combination is going to be ideal all the time. but with this you can get it down easy to a couple of adjustments.

maybe its 60% brightness for a morning, or at laguna seca you want it bright so 100% and 100% contrast. great versatile filter. will be a mainstay now.

contrast may only ever be 1 off - 99-101 depending on car dashboard and usually it does not even need adjusting to stay perfect across a wide range of dates, times, and vehicle/tracks.

may be with brightness you could get away with leaving it on 85 and not 100 or some such, but you can take it down to 60 at points, or a bright day in the desert may be you make it 110. did I mention how I like how versatile it is. Its not the best thing to read but it does make a lot of other filters redundant.
I really enjoy the look of this one. It's a great shader, especially when cruising and chilling. Love it!
I had problems to install it.
I tried to follow the instructions in the readme file as good as possible, but the app doesn't appear in the content manager so I must have missed something.
Looks good, however in the FH 2020 the flames from the exhaust are always there and dont go away. This issue goes away when not using the horizon shades CSP preset.
Best filter by far and well optimized. Just a few issues on my end. How to disable motion blur and auto exposure, thank you.
impressive thanks
would have loved to experience it but when i have installed it and started a game it just started flashing black
The reds are wrong
Hey, absolutely love the update, just one problem, I don't have that thick smoke anymore, how do I turn it on? I wanna do a drifting video but there is so little smoke right now
great instructions to install, but is there a way to turn off motion blur? besides that its super great
It's good but it's not too friendly with vehicles that utilize refracting headlights or tail-lights. Only one will work where as the other will be broken or just simply blank.
The folder still says 2.0. is this 2.1 or 2.0?
Always great filter.

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