HSW 1.9

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Hi guys, I thank you so much for those who contributed something to support me in this MOD. I'm not doing updates because I had to sell my video card because it was getting weak and yielding few FPS, but I haven't bought another one yet due to the price of the video card being very high in my country, equivalent to the value of a popular motorcycle. At the moment I don't have the financial conditions to buy another one that is good enough to play Asseto Corsa and work on updates. Thank you all!

This is HSW (Horizon Shades Weather), a script that controls how the weather behaves. It changes the lights as they are reflected for a more realistic and beautiful appearance. Time transitions are smooth and optimized to maintain good frames.
HSW brings incredible lighting, making the game more engaging. and Along with CSP, Asseto Corsa becomes a game that loses nothing to any other. One of the new features of HSW 1.7 in addition to all the improvements of sky, clouds, lights, etc. they are the mirages due to the heat and reflection of the sun, to have this effect the sun will have to be at the right point and at the right time as in real life, and this was made possible thanks to "x4fab".
With the Weather Script itself, I can go a step further and expand HSW further.

Thank you for using HSW, I am grateful if you want to contribute a support donation. :thumbsup: Keep yourself safe

USD - U$$↓
EUR - €↓
I especially want to thank my friends Atrupelador and Game Car View for testing my versions before publishing them and
SirSpats Gaming for review and to x4fab for assisting me and providing support for the HSW update.

-- Changelog HSW 1.9:

- Added support for CSP version 1.73 and 1.74 Preview 22
- Added New PPFilter HSW LowC (This PPFilter makes car interiors more visible,
and in general will also affect Contrast, making it lighter)
- Improvements in smoke and ambient humidity
- Various improvements

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    Hi guys, I thank you so much for those who contributed something to support me in this MOD. I'm...

Latest reviews

Hands down the best filter out there. I've tried other popular filters too but nothing brought the graphics so close to realism as this one. 5 stars!
loving it!!!! thank you!
very excited to try this out. I do have 1 question though. is this project replacing the newest version of horizon shades from Jan. 2021? and also does this support Sol 2.1.2? should we use this as our PP or Sol.
thanks for your hard work been following you for a while now.
5 stars!! how do i get rain?
this so good, thx for this. i/m happy
2am, June/July is like an afternoon? Too much daytime lighting... Also, the yellow/orange sky at night?
Anyway, it's wonderful, the reality is better, the sky and clouds are lively and soothing, I'm happy to meet a good work, thank you.
Absolutely stunning! I tried a lot of PP filter, but this one (especially HSW_Real) is spot on and beautiful! Please keep on the excellent work!
The lighting is great, but I'm concerned that the grass is not green but the color looks like it's withered.
Honestly, this shader is fantastic! It can make the game look absolutely realistic. It has so much potential, yet there are a few bugs that can ruin the pictures sometimes.
But I'll try to quickly state these problems here:

- I had to enable the accumulation blur in CSP Nice screenshot settings to be able to change the time offset and the time. I couldn't help but notice Dusk and Dawn are wayy too short, I can't get a good screenshot at those times.

-When I wanted to use accumulation blur, It would make the car way brighter, and it would not work if the car is standing still.. When I was using sol I could always make the car look as if it's moving without actually driving it.

-This was a big problem for me, at night, the lights from the track were WAY too bright, causing my cars to look yellowish, so I could not see the colors of the cars at all.

- Also the headlights can be unclear sometimes even though I tried changing the luminance and gamma levels. So sometimes the headlights are just too blurry making the game lose its realistic taste.

I would really like to see how this mod develops as it has so much potential. As I believe it's still in its early stages it has quite a few major bugs and issues that could be fixed. Master if you would like to have a detailed version of these bugs please dm me on discord:
Hello master, great mod. the only thing I don't like this time is the low FPS performance.
I am using it with CSP 1.71 and Sol 2.1 Alpha.
Without your mod with the 2060 I was on 135/140 FPS, instead with your mod now I run on 95 FPS, why?
My video settings are on high. You can give me an answer.
Hi Master, great new mod, showcased on the channel with full set up guide and overview - https://youtu.be/TzYmljL28GY
I'm definitely keeping this one installed.
an excellent mod, but now my driver has disappeared in cockpit view of all my cars, do you know how to fix it ?
It's a great mod really. However, despite following the instructions to install to a T, and even reinstalling CSP, Sol and my gfx drivers for my troubles, somehow, the interior is too dark to the point where I can't see my dash
Very nice weather! Soft colours at day, but a bit too green during sunset/sunrise.
My favorite shader in the last months also because it not only look good, it's FPS friendly. Can get a reasonable performance even for my humble GT1030. :)
if you can Master, the colors should make them more natural; now the colors are too strong.