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Helicorsa 0.7b

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Very useful app, works nicely
Just a little Radar - you are kidding - THIS is a MUST HAVE APP for sure. Thanks so much.
a must app
not working
Great app but it stops appearing in game on the apps tab after a couple days of use
This app is absolutely necessary if you only have one monitor. The problem is, after working for a few days, the app stopped working. The app shows up in the "apps" tab, in settings (I use Content Manager) but it doesn't work show up in the menu in game.
Indeed one of the fundamental apps for AC!
I love it! extremely useful!
A must have app ! Great work. Thanks ;)
a must have
Great app: helps to avoid crashes
Great app :)
good app, bro ;)
Really like the app. It's a great help for close fair racing.
Great work!!!
Great work! THE app. to have for AC, should be in game from the beginning.
This app should be added to AC autamtically when someone downloads the game. Simply fantastic!
Has always been and always will be the very first app you should download. It helps tremendously. I'd give it 6 stars if I could.
This should be the first app anyone installs on AC, easily the best tool to have for close racing.