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Helicorsa 0.7b

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Awesome work! Thanks!
Great app, works perfect even with the AI :)
As a single-screen player, I can't live without this app, it's essential, can't wait to try the new version. 11/10.
The best tool for clean racing.
Indeed one of the fundamental apps for AC!
App that should exist in other simulators. Fantastic. Thank you.
Must have for Single Player races against the AI!
Thanks for the great work.
A must have app ! Great work. Thanks ;)
Just a little Radar - you are kidding - THIS is a MUST HAVE APP for sure. Thanks so much.
Thanks so much better than other apps like this
Essential apps for racing with AI. This app really help avoid me making contact with other car
Is it possible to let the little pin fading out?
That would be great, I like Helicorsa very much :-)
Thank you. Very useful
Thank you so much! It helps a lot for me! :)
I love it! extremely useful!