Helicorsa 0.7b

radar app by Minolin

  1. flicker fix

    v7b - implemented Neilski 's fix for the standing start flickery - thanks a lot!
  2. For AC 1.5+ (works with spectated cars and more!!)

    Now works with spectated cars, better standing/pitted car ignorance and takes load off the MR servers
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  3. minor changes

    v5b - ini file location will now respect moved Document folders (thx @never_eat_yellow_snow1 ), indicator colors are configurable as well. Details here
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  4. Minorating integration, performance improvements, bugfixes and skin support.

    Update helicorsa v5

    Performance improvements
    ...on the drawing side, I think rendering is now a bit faster and doesn't ever rely on the hard disk. So freezes because of loading indicator images on the sleeping hard drive during the sessions won't happen anymore.
    MR also doesn't draw the cars manually now, they're all textured (lost hope for a car facing vector^^).
    Minor calculation improvements as well, should be overall smoother now.

    Fixes since v4 that were just...
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  5. folder fix

    Small fix in folder structure
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  6. blind spot monitor added, blueflag fixes

    enable / disable features with a simple line edit.


    6. The blue flag doesn't work out in practice&qualifing
    Fixed. Now we have zero false positives in race, and the blue-flag is shut down in P/Q.
    I still have an idea regarding Qualifying blue flag, but this has to be discussed first.
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