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Apps Helicorsa 0.7b

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Over 9000
Akis updated Helicorsa with a new update entry:

blind spot monitor added, blueflag fixes

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enable / disable features with a simple line edit.

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6. The blue flag doesn't work out in practice&qualifing
Fixed. Now we have zero false positives in race, and the blue-flag is shut down in P/Q.
I still have an idea regarding Qualifying blue flag, but this has to be discussed first.

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On 180 degree corners or spin outs, Helicorsa tends to go nuts, blink, show cars that are not there etc. Same thing on race starts or even pits. PM me if you need a replay/video of it. Had it happen with GT3 on Mugello's last corner all the time. And on a spin out at "Snoopy". Version 0.3, the one before current 0.4.
Sorry, guys - I didn't figure out that there are comments here. I ususally watch them closely on the official ac forum - so move there if you have something urgent.

@JackCY & LuxDRoid
You describe two related problems. The core is, there is no working indicator inside the kunos API that gives the information, where car's are heading. So I was forced to use the velocity vector as a workaround instead, which fails ridiculously when not moving or spinning.
The other one might be standing "ghost" cars at certain positions, have to check if your occurences are at x/y 0/0 - this might be a bug returning I originally patched out in v2 or v3.
But this isn't a game braker, so this will take a while to be fixed - I invested much more time than available to this app so I have to catch up other things.

Stay clean!


Over 9000
Akis updated Helicorsa with a new update entry:

Minorating integration, performance improvements, bugfixes and skin support.

Update helicorsa v5

Performance improvements
...on the drawing side, I think rendering is now a bit faster and doesn't ever rely on the hard disk. So freezes because of loading indicator images on the sleeping hard drive during the sessions won't happen anymore.
MR also doesn't draw the cars manually now, they're all textured (lost hope for a car facing vector^^).
Minor calculation improvements as well, should be overall smoother now.

Fixes since v4 that were just...

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Hi guys I have installed this on Windows 10 64bit and I have enabled the below option in assettocorsa.ini
but the app still does not show up in the game, it is also present under apps/pyphon does anyone know why this would be the case? also I am running AC version 1.4.3

Thanks in advance
Can't make this app working on my PC. I have activated it from general settings but it doesn't show up in the app list while i'm driving. OS: Windows 10 64-bit.
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Same problem here. This app used to work for me, but now I can't get it to show up in the side bar. It was very useful when it did work.
I've just had this issue and I renamed the file helicorsa.ini in documents Documents\Assetto Corsa\cfg\apps

Then open up the game and it will recreate it and Helicorsa will be back

Also posted on AC forum