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Haunted Meadows - GTR Evo

Haunted Meadows - GTR Evo 1R

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Haunted Meadows

Track by Abrimaal / Carsay
by Abrimaal 2021
A fantasy, semi-offroad track inspired by music, lyrics and graphic art by Lake of Tears

version 1R, 202105

Not done yet:
Pit and garages terrain

Finish race problem. When you finish, it sometimes takes a few minutes to respond. Some cars are listed as "still on track". I dont know how to fix it.







Finally I managed to run the track in GTR2, so I will release it soon both for GTR2 and Evo.
Rfactor version will not be released.

"Soon" it means a few weeks or months, when I add objects that I want to be there.
It will be released in the initial version and updated with progress.

Re-upload, the previous zip was missing the RFactor sky.mas