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Haunted Meadows - GTR Evo

Tracks Haunted Meadows - GTR Evo 1R

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abrimaal submitted a new resource:

Haunted Meadows WIP RFactor + GTR Evo - please help me convert this RF track to R07

This is not a racing track for gaming yet.

I want to convert this semi-offroad track for GTR Evo.
I started in Bobs Track Builder Evo, but the trial expired.
Purchase of the Pro version did not unlock the Evo version.

The RFactor version is just a base, it contains only the road, pitlane, aiw, a few objects and other required files.
After conversion to GTR Evo the track is not working.
Cars collide starting from the same position and the track is not usable.

Can anyone help me to...

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Hi, abrimaal. There is wrong after load the track. Look what happened:
Hi, abrimaal. There is wrong after load the track. Look what happened:
Yes, the problem was caused by the original .hat from RFactor. I started the track in GTR2 and generated a new .hat - it helped.
In a few days I will send you a test version. The pit and garage terrain is not finished yet.
abrimaal updated Haunted Meadows RFactor + GTR2 + GTR Evo with a new update entry:

First public release

Haunted Meadows

Track by Abrimaal / Carsay
by Abrimaal 2021
A fantasy, semi-offroad track inspired by music, lyrics and graphic art by Lake of Tears

version 1R, 202105

Not done yet:
Pit and garages terrain

Finish race problem. When you finish, it sometimes takes a few minutes to respond. Some cars are listed as "still on track". I dont know how to fix it.

View attachment 476803

View attachment 476804

View attachment 476805 ...

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I will check it in the original version of the game. Have you tried the attached specialfx.tec ?
@elvis feet Yes. Make a backup of the original specialfx.tec and replace with the attached file. It is in Locations folder.
The original Race 07 and GTR Evo file is only 4 kB and it doesn't work with offroad, rally, snow tracks. The new file will not affect the original tracks.