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Gunma Cycle Sports Center aka Gunsai Touge (New scratch made) 1.1

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Gunma Cycle Sports Center aka Gunsai Touge (GUNma CYcle = GUN CY). Many of you may know this track. This the touge track that Hot Version Touge vids usually show and test cars to their limits! Narrow roads and some speedy yet technical sections can really determine the good or the bad of your vehicle's suspension tuning.

CREDIT: -Nui (original creator of Gunsai Touge rFactor version - Some of textures and buildings are from his track) -Kunos (some of trees and road texture are from Kunos track) -Content Manager guys -Brendon Pywell (BTB / RTB) -All BTB's XPack creators -CG Texture

TESTERS: - Fadzli Jamil - Paduka Syuib Hassan - Tyra Gney - Pascal LAurin - Anthony Williams - Leonardo Ratafia - Donnie Bouch - Artur KontrAkt (dj_amur[DDM]) - Aaron Baake & all DREAM team - Girks Lunar - Oskar Kympers - Mayunaise Chan

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  1. Gunma Cycle Sports Center aka Gunsai Touge (New scratch made) v1.1

    Gunsai Touge / Gunma Cycle Sports Center v1.1 RELEASED ! Change Log: - Added light shading for...

Latest reviews

The best! Feels like the real thing, I love it so much.
I like it alot.
Amazingly precise and detailed work!
Thank you.
Looks really nice, a higher res road mesh and a little more optimisation would be amazing
Absolutely fantastic. Thank you for your great work.
Daaaaaamn!!!! Amazing!
You're some very talented people. Thanks
So much fun!
Instant favorite. Well done!
Finally, legendary touge with a quality level it deserves! Time to put aside those old BMI DVDs and get behind the wheel! Awesome work, my hat is off to you, sir! I'll just leave this here;)
What an absolutely detailed work.
Just stunning....!
Looks really good. Thnx
Sick work man. Been touge-ing around with friends and some great peeps. We have a server, please feel free to join guys!

Woooooaaahhhhwwwwww!!! Amazing! This is the best version bar NONE! The other versions are only a mere resemblance. This is the real thing. Thanks!
Great content. I've hosted it on my online server with day/night transitions. Do check it out! https://acstuff ru/s/q:race/online/join?ip=
you server invitation link not working
Yes! What a delightful surprise, I lost count how many hours I've spent on the old version and then the "enhanced" one. Probably the most complete test track on AC, or at least my favorite. Thank you!
Great. I don't know *exactly* how accurate it is, but it's much more familiar than the old one.

Visuals are up-to par although I really suggest making a CSP config for grass, perhaps adding some leaves too. The base modeling and texturing is there, it just needs an extra little push IMO. Seems to run fine too.
wow! so many times watching battles and onboards on this track that having it on this quality is just unbelievable! thank you very much!
As a big fan of Best Motoring, this track was instantly recognisable and a lot of fun to drive on for myself :)