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Gunma Cycle Sports Center aka Gunsai Touge (New scratch made) 1.1

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Gunsai Touge / Gunma Cycle Sports Center v1.1 RELEASED !
Change Log:
- Added light shading for trees & bushes
- Relocation START/FINISH spawn in Full Gunsai & reduced grid spots to 4
- Relocation START/FINISH spawn in Hot Version Gunsai & reduced grid spots to 3
- Added 3rd sub track (Hot Version Qualify Session track)
- Added grass effect (Grass Config created by Mike08)
- Added Vertex AO & edited Lights (vao-patch & light config by Rusty)
- Fixed AI behavior

Copy the extracted 'pk_gunma_cycle_sports_center' folder into your Assetto Corsa 'tracks' folder. If prompted to do so, select ‘Replace files in the destination’. There is no need to delete previous version.