1. killball3000

    kb3k__Kanako_Tower 1

    original time-lapse creation video and preview This was a one day/24 hour track build that I made to try to test myself. I am trying to pump out new maps and force myself to learn new things in the process and I urge you all to do the same. This map has lighting and grass extensions that work...
  2. Dangerously

    Reserve Creek Road 1

    Youtube showcase: This is my recreation of Reserve Creek Road, I used Blender and a lot of time to recreate it as accurately as I could with a few compromises. I have added track replay cameras for main and reverse layouts and supports grass.fx extension. Its a very fun road to push cars to...
  3. linez95

    TCL - TougeCircuit 1.0

    TCL Touge Circuit 1.0 RELEASE 1.0 Version update CSP required for certain features of the track! if the track crashes on loading, try updating your CSP version. features: 30 PITS CSP: Lights, Grass, Water, Trees Fixed some of the weird lighting issues TCL GAS STATION at the pits TRACK...
  4. M

    MidwestSteeze's Bear Creek 1.0

    Flows like a river, because it is one! This track was modeled after Bear Creek, located in SW Wisconsin. Enjoy its twists and turns as it makes its way to the Kickapoo River. Obligatory "this is my first attempt at making a track". I'll learn more as I make more, but PLEASE let me know if...
  5. Jimmy Arnold

    Arno 1

    This is my fantasy made drift circuit. It has the main layout and 2 little tight touge lines you can take for an alternative route. Join our Discord - Smashbox Sliderz -
  6. Sp00kz

    Street Drift livery for the MKS Nissan Silvia S15 Uras Type-5 1.0

    How to install: Extract the zip file and copy/cut the content folder to your assetto corsa root folder. If you like my work consider following me on IG: Link for the car:
  7. K2Q2

    CamTool for EK Nagao Real Downhill 1.0

    Nagao doesn't have any TV cameras built in for replays so I decided to make some using CamTool 2. To install, extract the contents of the .7z into the assettocorsa root folder and you should be all set. (C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\assettocorsa) Note: You need the CamTool 2...
  8. skyflightmusic

    90's Golden Drift Spot Project #11 - KOUMORI TOUGE (蝙蝠峠) 1.1

    ※※REQUIRE LATE CSP (1.79 OR ABOVE) AND PURE TO WORK PERFECTLY※※ ----------------------------------------------------------- ★This is comissioned by Nekobito. Usually we don't make free version for commissions however Nekobito is kind enough to let us make a free version for a brand new location...
  9. Exodus1491

    GT Highland Patreon Teaser Edition v1

    To all my lovely sim racers, touge-ers, drifters and friends. Here you go, public released GT Highland Patreon Teaser Edition which edited from the previous NDSD Round 5 Competition with updated more Y shape tree models are carefully placed by giving priority to 1st person POV and rainfx to add...
  10. PodcastPrimate

    Pod's : The Back 9 [ AiO Track ] 1.0

    [9 Maps] - Klutch Kickers - ADC - Brooklyn Park - CTorretto - Drift Playground - PJ Edulian - Limerock - OTM Ted Bundy - Driftland Aussie - ADC - Kalahari - Ctorretto - Touge Circuit - TCL + 2 Comp Tracks - Ctorretto/TCL - 50 Pits - CSP Teleport File Included w/ Map - ExtraFX, Lighting, Extended...
  11. racesim8730

    Honda Takasu PG Winding Road  本田 鷹栖プルーピンググラウンド ワインディングコース 1.0

    Hello!! Thank you for your interest!! Honada PG Takasu Winding Course for Assetto Crosa My First Making Track!! ホンダのテストコース 鷹栖プルーピンググラウンドを作成しました。  楽しく「がんさん」ごっこを 楽しでいただけたら嬉しいです。 NSX 走行動画 S2000走行動画 Honda's test course Takasu Pruping Ground was created.  I hope you enjoy playing "Gan-san"...
  12. V

    Camtool for Tsukuba Fruits Line (Freeroam) 1.0

    You need Camtool if you want to use this preset, get it here: Still a work in progress. Some transitions are a little choppy depending on if you're going up or downhill, so that's something that needs...
  13. perma369

    Ebisu Touge Course 1.1

    If you enjoy my tracks please consider supporting my work on patreon or via a small paypal donation, this allows me me keep sharing this tracks for free. Ebisu touge, another legendary drift track built over 5 meters lidar data. TrackCams by Leonardo...
  14. DrZepto

    Fort Curva 1.1

    Thank you all for your continued support, I'm excited to announce the public release of Fort Curva v1.1! As well as, a short cinematic drifting video to showcase the latest content! Focusing initially on an A-to-B track design, my fourth custom track for Assetto Corsa is now available! Fort...
  15. enanobo

    Cerro Bravo 0.1

    Welcome to Cerro Bravo, an 8 km public mountain pass, located in LatAm Colombia, part of the famous Alto de Letras. Cerro Bravo, starting in Delgaditas is a very technical and tricky road, which will scare the brave and punish the careless, but if you decide to learn it, it is a really fun and...
  16. EttieApple

    Amalfi Drive 1

    I started this mod with the wish to create a pretty VR experience. The steep cliffs and coastal views of Italy's Amalfi Coast provide the perfect backup for a relaxing 4.4 km drive. The mod includes 4 layouts: - Circuit: Two way AI traffic driving full throttle between the lines, turning...
  17. ManiinRD

    Touge2 Hashiriya Drifter 1.2

    Legendary Track from Hashiriya Drifter game (mobile) remake by @the_professor_rd Enjoy!
  18. DrZepto

    Nagai Sakana 1.3

    Note (01/03/2023): If downloading for use on Goosiest public server, please download v1.2 from 'history' section to avoid Checksum Errors! Update v1.3 (17/02/2023): Night lights, Rain FX, optimisations, and much more! Please see the full list on the updates section. Big thanks to Podcast...
  19. C

    Kunitomi Circuit 1.0

    Track built for tandems, trains and wall-taps, Inspired by an abandoned Kart track in Miyazaki Prefecture, Japan.
  20. F

    Lake Park 1.1

    Traffic only works with the CSP TRAFFIC PLANNER Known Issues: -Barriers are non colidable -Ai paths are not perfect