GTR2 10th Anniversary PATCH

GTR2 10th Anniversary PATCH 9.11

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GTR2 10th Anniversary PATCH v9.11 by GTR233 and friends

GTR2 10th Anniversary Patch v9.6 review by Paul Jeffrey
GTR2 10th Anniversary Patch v9.3 review by Maxou Le Pilote

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Archive size = 489 Mo
Archive MD5 checksum = a1c198edc8f3eea72f40097b9fd896f8

Last Changelog
- updated legal screen to v1.1.9.11
- updated DucFreak's GTR2 UI MOD 10th Anniversary to v7.0 : GTR2 backgrounds are Black & White now so UI is lighter in RAM than default UI
- updated GTR2 HQ AI to v4.2 : increased Stanco and Ried race ability because they were always far behind
- updated HQ LENS FLARE to v10.0 : reworked textures with slightly more subtle effect
- updated HQ Tracks : reduced road bumps (thanks to Shovas and Miguel for advices), updated CAM files for better FPS and updated HQ CUBE MAPS
- updated HQ Cars : fixed unfair AI tyre wear in default game where AI can keep tyres longer than player, increased resistance to damages to prevent AI to pit in for small aero damages (thanks to revar for advices), and fixed huge damage bug for viper
- updated Settings.ddb to fix difficulty settings (thanks to Michel for advice), because of this file you may experience ONLINE MISMATCH : in this case restore original file by renaming GameData\Settings.ddb.BAK in Settings.ddb

Description :
Developped on Dell Inspiron 531 Athlon64x2 5600+ (dual core 2.8GHz) nvidia 9800GT 512Mo :)
This GTR2 10th Anniversary PATCH represents 3 years of work (MORE THAN 10 000 FILES!!!) and includes all the necessary MODS/PATCHES for GTR2 plus HQ textures so you need nothing else :
- OFFICIAL EUROPEAN SIMBIN PATCH v1.1 + NOCD by Reloaded + 4GB PATCH by Daniel Pistelli = Full cars grid in color ;)
- MS Dx9/dll from 2010 packages to improve GTR2 compatibility with modern OS
-> DucFreak's GTR2 UI MOD 10th Anniversary v7.0 : nicer 16/9 UI with triple screen support and available in 10 languages (English, French, German, Italian, Portuguese, Spanish, Russian, Czech, Polish & Hungarian). Plus pit chief audio translation for English, French, German, Italian, Portuguese, Spanish & Russian.
-> GTR2 HDR 2k Skies v8.0 : nice 6e66o & Hudson Kerr skies reworked with HDR effect in 2k resolution (2048*2048)
-> GTR2 HQ AI v4.2 : better AI Talents
-> GTR2 HQ BRAKES v1.1 : nicer brake disc/caliper/discglow skins in higher resolution
-> GTR2 HQ Cars&Tracks v9.11 : better cars & tracks physics/graphics with advanced patches/fixes (*)
-> GTR2 HQ CARS SOUNDS v1.1 : added brake (Jandri)/skid (Fred_as)/horn/external tranny sounds & fixed overlapping sound issue when needed
-> GTR2 HQ HEADLIGHTS v6.0 : better headlights in higher resolution (LASER WHITE+YELLOW) patched to avoid halo glitch
-> GTR2 HQ HUD 10th Anniversary v6.1 : new head-up-display skin (mk2) available in 10 languages (English, French, German, Italian, Portuguese, Spanish, Russian, Czech, Polish & Hungarian).
-> GTR2 HQ LENS FLARE v10.0 : nicer sun effects in higher resolution (max effects around 5-6pm)
-> GTR2 HQ MARBLES v1.0 : now you will really see marbles on track side in higher resolution
-> GTR2 HQ MASERATI 4200GT SAFETY CAR v5.0 : more detailed safety car skin (2003)
-> GTR2 HQ PIT & START LIGHTS v3.0 : better start lights (F1 style)
-> GTR2 HQ RAIN v12.0 : nicer rain effects in higher resolution
-> GTR2 HQ SCREEN DIRT v8.0 : dirt effect with smooth transitions in higher resolution (VERY DIRTY)
-> GTR2 HQ SPARCO SUITS 2018 v1.2 : nicer racing suits/gloves/shoes for driver/pit crew/marshalls
-> GTR2 HQ TREAD v3.0 : better tire tread in higher resolution (WITH GRAVELS)
-> GTR2 MULTI-PATCHES v15.0 : patches for several glitches that official patch v1.1 did not fix, plus many HQ textures (**)
-> GTR2 UIAssets Patch v1.0 : removed FNTCMOTM.BMP to allow skinned LCD
-> HQ AMBIENT SHADOW v3.0 : better second shadow under cars in higher resolution (LARGE version)
-> HQ BACKFIRE v3.0 : better flames on exhaust (RED-BLUE version)
-> HQ CUBE MAPS v5.0 : better car/track reflections in higher resolution
-> HQ FOV DEFVIEWS v7.0 : higher speed effect, no more in car headlight flickering at night (16/9)
-> HQ MIRROR v1.0 : rear view mirrors in higher resolution (1024)
-> HQ SMOKES v5.0 : better dust & smokes effects in higher resolution
-> HQ SPARK v7.0 : better sparks effects in higher resolution (SPARK & STARS version)

Disk space requirement : 1.46 Go

ATTENTION: GTR2 10th Anniversary PATCH will overwrite stock files so make a backup first or make a second GTR2 install (recommended) on your hard disk (see install process)

This GTR2 10th Anniversary Patch is a basis then you can fine tune options with GTR2 HQ MODS COLLECTION which includes some extra content not available in the 10th Anniversary Patch (HDR 4k Skies, HQ DAYTIME HEADLIGHTS, HQ F360 SOUNDS, and HQ BRAKES/HEADLIGHTS/HUD/LENS FLARE/SAFETY CAR/START LIGHTS/SCREEN DIRT/TREAD/AMBIENT SHADOW/BACKFIRE/MIRROR/SPARK variants) :

You can also add the 2005 season :

Usage Disclaimer :
This mod is PRIVATE (need registration to RACEDEPARTMENT.COM to download it), this is a non-profit work made by passion for old gem GTR2 and provided as is, without warranty of any kind, use it at your own risk.
You are permitted to install and play this mod for private home use only, any commercial or public uses are forbidden.
It is forbidden to convert/modify any materials, or use it as part of another mod without written permission.
The original source is only available at RACEDEPARTMENT.COM :
Archive was tested with Kaspersky AV and to be sure that the archive you have downloaded was not modified then compare MD5 checksum with the one available at RACEDEPARTMENT.COM

Credits (alphabetical order) :
6e66o for kind permission to use his nice sky pack
@Gr0 for advices on GT3R & kind permission to use 996 stack dash mod
alex69722 for Russian UI
ArmedLightning for kind permission to use his AL SPECIAL FX
Art (aka Arthur Stepanov) for advices/beta testing/bug reporting, HQ HUD Russian translation, RSR hood/door fixes, TVR rain screen fix, new GMT brakes (lot of work) and new GMT ARMS with 2 shoes
Barry for kind permission to include GTR2 REBORN MOD by IRG for SweetFX video enhancer
Chopchop (aka Ceaffinc) for kind permission to use his #69 Proton Spa liveries
Chronus for his work on REBORN physics and detailed explanation at nogrip which helped me to understand how it works
Cristian Luis, and Petr Nidecky for Czech/Polish translations
Culmone67 for HD track textures
Daniel Pistelli for 4GB patch
David Wright for advices and kind permission to use some parts of POWER & GLORY mod by GTL WORKSHOP
derDumeklemmer for kind permission to use his Oschersleben start lights fix & Enna moveable tyres
DucFreak for advices/help and for kind permission to use his nice GTR2 UI MOD
DurgeDriven for advices/beta testing/bug reporting and support since the beginning
F1mate2 for 80 extra lines hungarian translation
Fred_as for kind permission to use his HD track backgrounds & squealing tyre sounds
GTR233 for GTR2 HQ MODS COLLECTION and updates/fixes
Guimengo for some extra Portuguese translations
Hudson Kerr for kind permission to use his wonderful skies
Jandri for kind permission to use his nice brakes sounds
Júlio Santos for Portuguese Pit Chief Audio translation
leon_90 for advices/beta testing/bug reporting and support since the beginning
LeSunTzu for murcielago body mask from his 2005 mod with kind permission
Luzperfecta for UI advanced FFB settings
Mach77 for advices and beta tests on HQ cars to match real lap times
NASA for their nice moon picture from Apollo 11
Petes László for kind permission to use original hungarian translation
Philipp for advices & kind permission to use his 996 fixes
Redi for GTR2 manual scan
Reloaded for NOCD
Shovas for advices/beta testing/bug reporting and kind permission to use his PLR FFB settings
SIMBIN/Blimey!/10Tacle Studios for GTR2
Spad for his MoTeC Project
Syhlif32 (aka Bjarne Hansen) for original idea of the 10th Anniversary Patch (may not be happen without him), advices/beta testing/bug reporting, M3GTR mirror cube maps fix, F575 steering wheel cube maps fix, arms GMT fix, mosler cockpit cube maps fix, and new gfx shaders
unseen/NacK for kind permission to use Default GTR2 tracks black terrain fix
Velo for defviews info and SceneLighting ColorMatch tool
vondutch51 for his work on AI which helped me to understand how it works
Yako for smart XD tool
Zipdrive for advices/bug reporting, F575 steering wheel1 fix & kind permission to use his Gillet/Saleen hood fixes

Advices/bug reporting/feedback : Apollion, Barcika, bobwilliams, Crimson764, cyrac1, DrKruntz, hkmp57, Iain Marshall, ical_everon, Jempy, jgf, Jon c, JorritVD, Kenny Paton, LeGhoul, leslav2012, Miguel Batista, mildrew2, NeelJ, Razgriz (aka Menrva), revar, Scorpyo, Spinelli, Starraider, sunalp2, TzZyO.

GTR233, 2019.
File size
489.2 MB
First release
Last update
4.89 star(s) 27 ratings

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Latest reviews

Без комментариев Спасибо!
Looks and works unbelievable for a 2006 Sim!!
Great work!
I have some minor problems - textures of the track flickering.
For example at Monza in the first turn, there's some major textures flickering going on in the stands. It's annoying as that happens at both far and very close distance.
Could be a setup thing?

My PC specs are:

GPU: RTX 2060 Super
Processor: Ryzen 5 2600X
SSD: Samsung 970 Evo Plus
RAM: G.Skill AEGIS F4-3000C16D-16GISB Memory 16GB DDR4
sadly textures flickering happens here and there on some tracks : I have searched to find an easy fix but with no luck. Bjarne told me that the only solution is to replace faulty GMT objects but it is a high time consuming work.
Thank You
Merci et chapeau pour ce formidable Mod. je joue en Real sans aide. Malgré la difficulté I.A au minimum, je trouve l'I.A encore trop fort. Comment puis-je baisser la force de l'I.A encore d'un cran SVP. Merci
salut, dans le menu tu peux régler la difficulté avec un curseur pour définir le % : à 90% normalement c'est facile de dépasser l'IA. Après si tu veux encore les ralentir il faut modifier ton fichier PLR (dans UserData) avec notepad et en particulier réduire "AI CORNER GRIP USAGE" : baisse par paliers de 0.01 jusqu'à obtention d'un niveau correct pour toi. Voilou :)
as always great :) pretty sure you´re working in the next update for this unique game keep it up!!
Thank you so much for all your work. You have definitely brought this sim to next gen status IMHO. My only suggestion would be to remind people that this upgrade also raises the GPU requirements as well. But the look and feel, as well as physics and ffb are outstanding! Thanks again for making my all time favorite racing sim even better.
This game does not feel old with the revamped HD graphics, and the FFB has not dated at all (NTM is excellent)!!! Nice little tweaks all round and great nostalgia. Feels and looks so solid! 9.9/10 !!!!!!!!!
All around great addon. I just plopped into my existing version after several other patches and addon tracks already installed. Worked great. Although issues I had previously still prevailed after the patch, but that is NOT the fault of this patch. It just looks better and AI seems to be a bit smarter and stronger. Had to turn it down a notch until I get it wired again. Thanks for the great work!
5 stars. Keep up with the classic. Although I found some bugs:

1. the menu selection arrow flickers when I hover my mouse over it(not really annoying).
2.Safety car drifts out of tracks during formation lap(Not all tracks, commonly in narrow snaky roads) .
3. AI car pits in although realism settings: mechanical failures, tire wear, fuel use option is "OFF"( Annoying).

Additional suggestion:
1. Make a ranking HUD. So we can see, who is overtaking and know 1st, 2st, 3rd... places.

No, other mod used. All installed clean...

Thank You
thanks for feedback:
1. It's hard coded so I cannot change this behavior
2. I have never had this experience so which track(s) exactly ? HQ or default ?
3. option is for player only and hard coded so I cannot change that either
4. you can download XD plugin : there is an option to enable ranking and you can set the number of cars (top 3-10)
I love this patch, it's mandatory addon after fresh install of the game, thank you very much to keep it updated.

P.S: If the problem is the 500mb RD upload limit, try to upload only a txt file with a external link to download the whole file in another filehost that support bigger files in the future.
thanks for advice but external links are not allowed here at RD. Anyway no body uses the BACKUP folder : it is easier to redo a fresh GTR2 install, so it is not a big deal in the end :)
Thank you!
great hq stuff! thank you very much!
This is THE patch to install on GTR2. Superb.
Best "All-in-one" mod for the game, thanks a lot!
Thanks for update
Why the car pits in again at 1:35:55 after it just pitted before in a 3 hour race?
Nobody reported such a bug in 3 years so I need to know which car(s)/track(s)/settings ? HQ or default ?
Default cars/tracks are stock game so not modified by 10th A.Patch.
If bug occurs with 3rd party track/car mod (i.e. WEC Le Mans) that you've installed then it is not related with 10th A.Patch.
Can you make daytime headlights on random cars?
I don't understand what you mean...I have just sent you PM to know exactly what you are looking for but for any question I suggest you to use support thread here
very great patch. this is excellent.

however, the cars are way too fast on some of the tracks. for example, on Catalunya in 2003, the pole position was made by Lister with a time of 1:40.975.

the best lap in race was done by a Chrysler Viper with a time of 1:45.081.

in game, the cars, at 100% of difficulty, makes a LMP time around 1:33.

and that's the GT cars. the N-GT cars does the time of the GT cars.

myself, in the Lister, I can manage quite easily a 1:40. it should be harder. I should be like 3-4 seconds slower with my actual experience with the AI at 120% doing close to 1:40-1:41 for the fastest cars. otherwise, I really like the HQ revamp :)
Thanks for feedback ;)
Yes AI is faster as it was asked by members because it was too easy to win. Nevertheless I keep in mind your notice and may provide an alternative AI for next update ;)
Спасибо !
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