1. Awesome BTCC Super Touring mod for GTR2

    Awesome BTCC Super Touring mod for GTR2

    The team over FRM have just rebuilt and re released their massive touring car mod for the classic GTR 2 sim racing title including a decades worth of BTCC Su...
  2. A

    Hey everyone! Does anybody have the GT cars for the SCC Prototype mod?

    Most links I find are for nogripracing wich is dead :/ Thanks in advance!
  3. abrimaal

    SpecialFX tec for Race07 GTR2 and related games 202102

    This file defines car vs terrain reactions. It may be used in Race 07, GTR Evo, GTR2 and related games. Backup the original file and paste it into Locations folder. It is compiled from: Original GTR Evo file + original GTR2 materials than were not defined in GTR Evo + materials added by track...
  4. holacrosty

    Final 15 shots. New lighting & shaders.

    THese are from 1.5 version. From sunrise to sunset. FPS are better than the previous "lighting patch 1.1" specially at sunrise and sunset. FPS are the same than original GFX.gtr. I have not run a benchmark but I think they are more stable now. Also reduced flicker and shadow overlapping...
  5. holacrosty

    RF2 guys.. what do you miss from GTR2 ?

    I am about to release a project for GTR2. New forced dx9 SRPL shaders, new correct realistic lighting, etc. But I think all track guys that evolutioned, have migrated to new sims like RF2. now would you miss anything from GTR2 ? here a sunrise sshot:
  6. holacrosty

    New lighting, new shaders, 15 shots.

    yeeh Im explaining nothing. I think im about to release this new "lighting patch".
  7. G

    Enna Pergusa 1.0

    Just a simple conversion from GTR2 to Race07. I was just playing race07 again, and couldn't find a source for this track nowhere, as many of the older sites are down. So I had to find out how to convert it to get the track back in Race07. Luckily it was easy due to the following two resources...
  8. rgeys

    Fallout car 2.0

    for fun from free model of RENAFOX on SketchFab (FCUse) an HoverCar from FallOut Game it has a nuclear Engine, only one speed, 0 to 290 kph in a blink. 2.0 : 3 cars with a "fallDown" gearbox to even get more acceleration! vintage interior (mazda) with working jauges, 10 different liveries. one...
  9. T

    Creating BPR (and/or other) championships and LM24 races.

    So I think I've got every car I need and every track I need plus GTR2 Championship Manager but I honestly can't figure out how to create things properly. Is there a tutorial out there on how to do it properly so certain cars show up in certain races, the right tracks and race lengths are used...
  10. TeamGuinanaomotorsport

    Hyundai Genesis Coupe My Little Pony Skin Pack Mod For GTR2

    The car for all the bronies the new Hyundai Genesis Coupe MLP Skin Pack for GTR2... Rainbow Dash, Pinkie Pie, Rarity, Applejack, Fluttershy and Twilight Sparkle. Download Link:
  11. E

    How to paint a car for gtr2 ?

    Hi im new making cars for gtr2 . can anyone help me or teach me how to paint all the car and te interiors?
  12. P

    Any modding communities for GTR2 (or rather for SimBin games)?

    Title. I've always wanted to join some (at least a little) big community for GTR2 or even SimBin (or gMotor 2) games modding as I myself pretty much very very like changing any game I play (and games powered by gMotor 2 (mostly from SimBin) are one of my favorites) but the problem is that a lot...
  13. New Retro Guy

    GTR 2 stuttering

    Hello, this may sound a bit weird but I am experiencing stuttering in GTR 2. My system is powerful enough to run games which came out in the last 3-4 years at medium or high graphics settings so I don't believe the issue is connected to my PC. I get around 260 FPS (it may drop to 190 at times)...
  14. GTR233

    GTR2 tyre slip curve and grip

    I dig up an old video but an interesting one about the different kinds of GTR2 tyres. In this video Man Hobby explains the differences between 3 tyre manufacturers (Michelin, Pirelli, Dunlop) : Perhaps @David Wright can teach us more about tyre slip curves and grip :)
  15. holacrosty

    GTR2 Lighting Patch by holacrosty 1.1

    " GTR2 Lighting Patch by holacrosty 1.1 " Change log: V1.1: -Increased Lighting Intensity. -Better Colours Balance. -Better Intensity Balance. -Better Fog Colour and some corrections. -More realistic and warmer sensation. -Tested on more tracks. -Added "NorthDir" solution for backwards...
  16. GTR233

    GTR2 2005-FiaGT MOD 5.2.0

    GTR2 2005 FiaGT Mod v5.2.0 (2005 season addon for GTR2 HQ Anniversary PATCH) -------------------------- >>>>>>>>>> GTR2 HQ Anniversary PATCH v15.1.x IS REQUIRED TO MAKE THIS MOD WORK <<<<<<<<<< This archive was compressed with 7-zip archiver v19.00 so you need at least v19.00 to extract...
  17. GTR233


    ----------------------------------------------------------- | GTR2 HQ MODS COLLECTION v15.0.0 by GTR233 and friends | ----------------------------------------------------------- Archive size = 317 Mo Archive MD5 hash = 78c91932f0c4949c3f4feefcfa064e3c This archive was compressed with 7-zip...
  18. M


    Recently downloaded the 10th anniversary patch and my goodness is it a breath of fresh air for an already magnificent game. However, while I am able to compete well at some tracks (Imola, Monza, etc.), I've noticed that, regardless of how hard I'm pushing, I'm consistently off the pace at HQ Spa...
  19. Caribstu

    GTR2 Championship highlights Video

    I have a 'work in progress' MOD which i've been building for a while. It's a JCW Mini Cooper British Championship. Has 30 fictional teams, 48 cars / liveries. 48 driver profiles (based on real people i used to race against in Super One and RAC Karting championships back in the 80s ) held over 24...
  20. T

    GTR2 Sun Positions and Lighting 1.0

    The sun positions in GTR2 aren't particularly accurate so I have taken the time to update them. Features: Adjusted Latitude of tracks to be correct. Race dates changed to what they were in 2003 and 2004. North direction changed to be closer to what they would be in real life. Optional...