1. Shovas

    SHO Competition FFB 1.0.0-build3

    SHO Competition FFB is a mod of various UserData PLR file force feedback configuration parameters to achieve an improved, more modern force feedback feel. *Please see "README SHO Competition FFB.txt" in the download for helpful details on install/uninstall, tips, questions, known/open issues...
  2. Shovas

    SHO Competition AI 1.0.0-beta7-build4

    SHO Competition AI is a mod for original content GTR2 cars and tracks that modifies various AI-related configuration parameters to achieve more realistic race performance by AI drivers resulting in more realistic, tighter, and more intense racing. *Please see "README SHO Competition AI.txt" in...
  3. T

    Adding 7th gear in mod F1-2019!?

    I have the mod RMS F1-2019 and in setups menu only up to 6th gear gear-ratios can be edited - is there a way I could add 7th gear thru editing a certain file or so!? Thx for help! :)
  4. Wrecked my expensive Ferrari

    Wrecked my expensive Ferrari

    12 years ago I flipped my expensive Ferrari 550 over the barriers at Spa-Francorchamps. Expensive wreck!
  5. GTR233

    HOW TO INSTALL GTR2 and PnG3 in 2019 ?

  6. GTR233

    GTR2 Driving School test by Billy Strange

    People used to watch episodes of ISRTV may already know the famous SimRacer Billy Strange, last month he decided to try to pass his driving school tests again with his last hardware, as usual his advices are interesting and may be relevant for newcomers to GTR2 or simracing in general. He has...
  7. T

    Pitcrews for oldtimes mods!?

    I wanna suggest for modders out there to create Pitcrews for all those oldtime mods we have. For ex. for the F1-1967 mod etc. pp. I think that would be making racing there more realistic. Maybe this is worthwhile being considered. Thx. ;)
  8. bumblebeetuna

    FIA GT 2004 number plate pack 1.0

    Here is the FIA GT 2004 season number plates + an additional link containing world flags for use with the number plates if you'd like (or you can just use a brush in photoshop). Thanks to @chrisi2174 for his great number font
  9. T

    TOM'S TOOLS GTR2 2019-07-07

    tomdoyle1948 made these awesome tools and because they are kinda hard to find these days I hereby proudly present them here as well. I hope he don't mind - if so I will remove them ASAP - but I don't think he will. Thx again Tom for your amazing works which are a must have for GTR2. Hint: If...
  10. Monkey man

    1960s Suits + Helmets 1.0

    Hello GTR2 fans!! Today I present you with a pack intended for pre-1980s cars, with inside and outside matching textures based on the "classic suits" found on Assetto Corsa. It has 4 suits and 9 gloves, and the 3D model of the helmet was replaced with the one from AC to match the suits...
  11. T

    Imola F1 1994 - Pack 1.0

    This is a pack that includes several things to relive the terrible WE of 1994 in GTR2 more realistic. I have worked on it a lot, some things are not my work (thx to all authors!) but most of it is. A complete instruction Readme is incl. to make it easier to add. Required only is mod F1 1994...
  12. S

    NFSMW 2005 BMW M3 GTR gearbox sounds mod. 1.0

    So this simply replaces GTR2's stock gearbox whine sound that the M3 GTR uses, with NFSMW 2005's sounds for the gearbox whine. No stock files are replaced except ''MZ3sounds.aud'' in: GameData/Teams/24H/BMW M3GTR Teams So make a backup of the .aud file incase you want to revert back to the...
  13. ChriKoh

    Spaburgring for Race 07/GTR Evo 2.0

    Spaburgring - 7.317 km long fictional racing-circuit for Race 07/GTR Evo by ChrisKoh-Circuits After I've been interested in racetrack-layouts for many years and have designed several fictional ones myself, now here's the first one for which I've also done the work to build a surrounding...
  14. Aratbone

    RSS GT Vortex V10 (Viper) Force One & Larbre Comp Skins Pack 1.01

    Thanks to @DomGTR for these wonderful Viper skins. Leave good reviews, and we might get the #32 Force One car as well!
  15. abrimaal

    GTR2 tracks for Race07 0

    GTR2 original game and addon tracks converted to Race 07 without modifications. This set contains: Anderstorp 2003 (GP + short) Blackstone GP Brno 2003 Charade 2006 Estoril 2003 Goodweek Imola 2004 Oschersleben 2004 (GP + B-Course) Valencia 2004 (GP + National + Long) Original track authors...
  16. Caribstu

    AI Congestion

    Hi I have built several tracks in BTB for use in GTR2 I am getting a problem with AI congestion. From race start the AI bunch into turn one and are extremely slow, not until around half way round the first lap to they begin to spread and reach racing speed. The first two or three corners they're...
  17. Jon c

    Nordschleife 2007 FINAL by derDumeklemmer for GTR2 V1.03

    Nordschleife 2007 FINAL by derDumeklemmer for GTR2 V1.03 bumped up download list fixes for V1.03 by GTR233 HERE: fps/tree texture fix ================================================================= This ist the GTR2...
  18. GTR233

    GTR2 Nos2007 Final Tree Fix 1.11

    GTR2 NoS2007 Final Tree Fix v1.11 by GTR233 ------------------------------------------- This archive was compressed with 7-zip archiver v19.00 (update your archiver if it tells you that the archive is corrupted) Archive size = 2.18 Mo Archive MD5 checksum = 775982768d372024fb22035f3642861f...
  19. Jon c

    Mexico City 1967 for GTR2 V1.0

    Mexico City 1967 for GTR2 The Autódromo Hermanos Rodríguez ("Rodríguez Brothers Racetrack") is a 4.421-km (2.747-mile) race track in Mexico City, Mexico, named for the famous racing drivers Ricardo and Pedro Rodríguez. Built in a public park in 1962, the circuit hosted its first Formula...
  20. Jon c

    Nordschleife 1967 for GTR2 V1.0

    Nordschleife 1967 for GTR2 Version : 1.0 Original Track made for GPL by Kelllaaa68 rFactor Conversion by Bud Lucas GTR2 Conversion by LkwFan Install : extract with WinRAR or else and drop the trackfolder into your GTR2\GameData\Locations directory - done. have fun
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