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Formula Student Grand Prix Soundpack

Formula Student Grand Prix Soundpack v1.1

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This is a sound mod for MAD Formula Team MFTC3. Click here for a download link for this amazing car!
MAD Formula Team MFTC3

And here is the skin used in the video!
FSGP 2020 Skinpack

There are four types of sounds in all. Choose your favorite sound from the downloaded files and copy the "content" folder into your "assetto corsa" folder.

Have fun!


Latest updates

  1. Fixes

    Changelog v1.1 -Adjusted the volume balance of four types of sounds -Fixed Pitch of FSGP-R sound...

Latest reviews

Very nice! Is it compatible with the FH2021? If not, will you make a pack specifically for that car? :)
river amaryllis
Not compatible. And I have no plans to make a sound for the FH2021. Some of the ones I made are on YouTube.
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river amaryllis
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