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Formula Rapide

Formula Rapide 1.3

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Latest updates

  1. Major Body, Aerodynamics, Chassis and Skin ... pretty much everything overhaul

    After long and exhausting work, i finally release the 1.3 update. Most of the old critique...
  2. Enhanced cockpit update

    Completly reworked cockpit and improved AO
  3. Tire and Rim texture improvmements, and Material changes

    After the high demand, this small Update improves the Tire and Rim textures and Materials.

Latest reviews

Soooo much fun!!! The grip levels are incredible as are the sounds!
WOW ! Very good job, I love the car !
great car except for the fact that the brakes are worse than 2020 mercedes f1 car
The Brakes are not worse. You are just much faster going into braking zones :D
Super fast car. Default FFB is a little bit tough, but otherwise drives very well. Love the speed.
My favourite formula car in the game for putting to shame other formula cars but there is a problem with the AI not going past fifth gear. Please see if you can fix it. Thanks.
I enjoy driving it. The ffb is tricky but manageble.
Absolutely awesome car. So much grip. It's around 3 seconds faster a lap around the Red Bull Ring compared to the Ferrari SF1000, while sounding way better. I'd like to see wider rear tyres to match the current F1 width. I'd also love to see a return of that black and orange livery I saw in one of the update screenshots.
There's only big problem: the car often stops accelerating with fifth or sixth gear and it goes beyond only on circuits with very long straights, like Old Monza Complete or AVUS. You should do something because it's a real pity for such a good car...!
The car's great, but after updating from Formula Rapide 2018 to this, the AI seems to top out at 186 mph or so.
i drove this for 1 minute and its already incredible to drive and is intencley fast
Very good concept for the car, with a very good handling model. One small thing is that there is no Halo, that could be a major improvement.
Crazy powerful car, and good brakes too. Any idea why the preview's aren't working? They seem to be okay in the directory, but AC client says "Preview not available" for all skins.
I did a mistake with the skin folder naming
Great car, it's a pleasure to drive. Thanks for the mod!
Looks awesome! But one small notices, those aerodynamics wont be that good in real life, the front wing just slams the air into the tyres, thus creating massive drag, and the airflow after that is just bad,.

But, your driver number makes that good ;)
Beautiful Mod, but is it possible to have the texture of the wheels and rims like the F1 of Rss, both on this and on the Agile?
always if you can.
Do you mean Pirelli logos and stuff like that ? On the Agile at least theres someone who made open source Pirelli slick tires https://www.racedepartment.com/downloads/zgonc-racing-team-formula-agile-4k.30151/
Awesome Car! One of the most fun to drive cars in AC for me if im being honest ;)
I really like the car, it provides incredible amounts of grip which is challenging because you can go so much quicker on a lap than one is initially able to think.

A small section of my first Nordschleife tourist lap: https://imgur.com/gallery/GJ0NLFk
So exellent
Great car! Love to drive it!
An extremely fun vehicle to drive, the ffb is kinda wonky though (Might only be me though.)
File size
150.9 MB
First release
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User rating
4.45 star(s) 44 ratings

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