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Formula Vector

Formula Vector 1.1

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I would like to let you know that i took down my donation site. 21 People supported me which im very thankful for, but i also need to change my strategy because this way i can't sustain this for long. I do not have the means to sell my content for money either. Instead i would suggest you to support me in a different way. It would greatly help me if more people would get to know me and what i do. I would be greatful if you help me becoming more known. For example talking with friends, family or colleagues about my content, or creating content based on mine like videos, streams or skins. This could possibly open new doors for me and expand my options which is what i really need in my current life situation. Thank you for taking your time to read this text. Have fun with my content!
Jonas Holzapfel - Jakoman3


The Formula Vector is a concept Grand Prix car built from the ground up as a re-imagining of what a Grand Prix car can be.

Powered by a twincharged 2.3L 60° crossplane V8 with an output of 892bhp at 10,000rpm, the Formula Vector also has electric motors positioned in the front wheelhubs which together peak at 377bhp. The combined power output of the car reaches 1269bhp for short periods of time.

Instead of a large and heavy battery, the Formula Vector uses a compact and lightweight supercapacitor, charged by coasting and braking. This also allows for a very quick charge and discharge, giving the Formula Vector exceptional acceleration out of corners.

The simple aerodynamic surfaces and sleek body shape create minimal aerodynamic disturbance behind the car, contributing to better racing.

Small, lightweight construction makes the Formula Vector very reactive to bumps and changes in direction. This, combined with the sound of the V8, creates an exciting experience for driver and spectator alike.



JH/Design Discord Channel:
Buisness E-Mail Adress: jonashdesign@aol.com

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Skin Template:

Future updates will improve the sound, textures, setup and AI

Latest updates

  1. The AI and onboard camera update

    - Major improvements to the AI (More stable at racing lines and very fast turns). - Adjusted...
  2. Quick texture update

    -Reworked the tire textures and material -Tweaked interior windshield texture and material (Now...

Latest reviews

Love the handling and dash. Fantastic! https://youtu.be/uFzzf50fIy8
Top! Wonderful mod!
Top Tier Mod, one of the best. Seriously an immersive driving experience. So fun to drive, the FF is top tier and really fun to drive.
Very Nice mod! i can see f1 becoming to look like these cars,without a doubt.
This is probably the most fun car i've ever driven and also insanely fast
Great work !!!
What a pleasure to drive this car
Thank you ;)
Wow, hopefully the FIA is taking notes for F1. The engine sounds amazing, and despite having a lot of cornering speed, still feels raw and not as lifeless as a modern F1 car. Great job!
Very good job
really like this car great work
Crazy car! Needs a great skin pack! Thanks! Amazing work!
This has become one of my favourite cars to drive on AC, well done!!
Looks great and drivers great. A blast to drive
Thanks for this awesome mod !
Fun, thanks!
It's really great. Thank you for this excellent release
awesome! Thank you
Very good mod, Thanks.
Absolutely brilliant!!!! This car is so unbelievably fast, but in a way that it doesn't feel exaggerated and it is still challenging enough. Thanks for this Jonas! Einfach genial! 10/5
Not bad for a car that looks like something I drew when I was 10 :D
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5.00 star(s) 45 ratings

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