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  1. Aiologs SQ Shifter Review

    Aiologs SQ Shifter Review

    This is our review of the well-built and cost effective Aiologs Sim Sequential Shifter. In our pursuit of immersion in the world of sim racing, a sequential shifter can be a comparatively simple and inexpensive step forward. Many open wheel and GT race cars have utilized sequential stick...
  2. Aiologs SQ Shifter | Full Review | Sequential Shifter

    Aiologs SQ Shifter | Full Review | Sequential Shifter

    Damian has managed to get his hands on the Aiologs SQ Shifter. Is this 170 USD sequential shifter any good?Link to Aiologs - https://shop.aiologs.netSubscrib...
  3. JohnSickles

    Fiat 131 Racing "Paolo Diana" by MSC & GAmodding 2 version 1.1

    131 Racing Paolo Diana of MSC & GAmodding V1.0 -Modders Squadra Corse Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/ModdersSquadraCorse - GA Modding Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/GAModdingAC CREDITS: -3D modeling: "Giovanni Falci"; "Gaetano Lombardo"; "Alessio Vagelli" -Interior: "Gaetano...
  4. Z

    Sell Heusinkveld Sim Shifter Sequential (UK)

    *********SOLD********** I'm having a clear out of unused equipment. So here we have my Heusinkveld Sim Shifter Sequential , with the normal table style clamp . Also included is a bracket that can be used with AL profile. Everything that is in the photos is included. (except AL profile)...
  5. jakoman3

    Formula Agile 1.32

    Information -Small and ultralight uncompromised openwheeler design. -Powered by a Boxer 4 with an output of 365bhp at the crank - grippy slicks and high torque at low rpm give it exellent performance out of slow corners -Small size makes it ideal for tight tracks Liverys - The Formula Agile...
  6. jakoman3

    Formula Rapide 1.3

    This mod is a very early project of mine and doesn't represent my idea of quality anymore. This is my newest approach of a concept car https://www.racedepartment.com/downloads/formula-vector.40934/
  7. Scott duncan


    Hello all Im looking to make another sale but this time for a friend heusinkveld SQ shifter up for grabs! as you see in the photo(s) its all new BRAND NEW, in the box and wrapped up... ive put a photo next to mine also to show it out the box etc If interested get in touch cheers
  8. Mr. Vermeer

    DIY Sequential Shifter using Suzo Happ and Pro Micro

    Hi all! As I'm a big fan of Rally Sims, I decided to build my own sequential shifter to accompany my G27 setup. I wanted it to be relatively simple to build, but aesthetics were a priority. I wanted it to look professional-ish and as it is one of my first real builds in a long time, the...
  9. BeefyPeeg

    Alternate Shifters

    In rFactor 2 you could assign an alternate shifter instead of having to change profiles every time you switched from a paddle-shifted to stick-shifted sequential box. Does anyone know if this is possible in AC?