Formula A - BMW F1 Team 2025 1.0

[Fantasy] BMW F1 Team (Sean Bull design)

  1. Jimbo62
    [2025] BMW F1 Team


    INCLU :
    - #55 & #56
    - No Number

    Do not forgot to use :

    Custom Liveries Tool - Livery Manager and Livery Package Export [BY crowtrobot]

    Tire Pack MOD [BY nsss]

    See my other liveries for Project Cars :

    Please rate and feedback.


Recent Reviews

  1. ARKEF1E
    Version: 1.0
    It's a really cool livery, but for some reason it crashes the Custom Livery Manager. Any idea why?
    1. Jimbo62
      Author's Response
      Wrong format for the "No number" version. It's fixed now, enjoy :)
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