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  1. Geraint Thomas

    Formula 3 World Championship 2022 1.01

    Formula 3 World Championship 2022 Drive as Ciao Collet for MP Motorsport in the 2022 Formula 3 Championship This is a custom championship built around a collection of skins and tracks, created by the extremely talented people in the Assetto Corsa modding community. All credits can be found...
  2. Geraint Thomas

    Formula 1 World Championship 2022 1.02

    Formula 1 World Championship 2022 Drive as Daniel Ricciardo for McLaren in the 2022 Formula 1 Championship Cozy61 has already put together a fantastic 2022 championship, but will be taking a step back from the modding scene next year. After a discussion, we agreed that this would be the...
  3. Hakai67

    RSS Formula 70 skins - F1 2022 Pack 1.2

    A quick (but reasonably good looking) set of modern F1 skins for the RSS Formula 70 car, purely intended for enjoying a full field of F1 liveried RSS cars until someone comes up with a better set. Based on the Porknose skins by Hoksu, with inspiration and bits from Shadow118 and his RB skin and...
  4. N

    Open Wheel GRiD Career Mod (W.I.P) 1.0

    GRiD Career like system in AC by NEKOLITCH (only open wheelers now) Will add every GRiD category sooner! Only includes GRiD Series tracks! This mod includes three championships Tier 1: Dallara F312 Championship (18 cars, 7 events) Formula C Tier 2: Formula 2 2017 Championship (20 cars, 6 events)...
  5. Schmawlik

    [Car Physics] F1 BMIG and Differential Adjustment v0.5.3.0-alpha

    [ACSIM] HOME | [APPS] RARE | [SKINS] RSS FH22 Display *** Verified on CSP v0.1.79 (2144) *** If you do not follow the installation steps and/or don’t have the proper CSP version installed, please do not bother leaving a review about the script not working. You can ask questions in the...
  6. TheBlackF40

    Repsol Honda Super Formula Team 2022 1.1

    My largest project yet, although that's not saying much. This is an adaptation of the iconic Repsol-Honda Moto GP livery to the RSS formula Supreme, with matching ACSPRH helmets for each driver. The cars would be completely legal to compete in the 2022 season and plenty of work went into getting...
  7. Schmawlik

    [RARE] Rules and Race Enhancements v1.0.6.1

    [ACSIM] HOME | [MISC] F1 Car Physics | [SKINS] RSS FH22 Display *** Verified on CSP v0.1.79 (2144) *** If you do not follow the installation steps and/or don’t have the proper CSP version installed, please do not bother leaving a review about the script not working. You can ask questions in the...
  8. H

    US Open Wheel Racing Entries/Rumours that never happened

    I remember a few from 2003: F3000 teams Arden and the short-lived Brand Motorsport were linked with entries, the latter would have brought back Nicolas Minassian, the former could have had something to do with the fact that one of their drivers that year was Townsend Bell who had recently...
  9. Doyzza

    Formula Holden (6 Skins) | Estonia 25 1

    6 Formula Holden skins for the Estonia 25 mod, featuring Skaife, Murphy, Crompton and a few others. I did the best I could with the minimal photos I could find of these cars. It is the closest I could find to a late 80s/early 90s open wheel mod. Mod...
  10. Formula Student Vitoria - Assetto Corsa Mod Qwik Review 01

    Formula Student Vitoria - Assetto Corsa Mod Qwik Review 01

    This is the start to an Assetto Corsa mod playlist where I give a few of the latest submission's on Race Department a spin around the block. The first episod...
  11. StarGamer

    Formula RSS 3 V6 DTS livery 2021-07-19

    Hey, this is a DTS(Drive to Survive(not related to Netflix))livery for the Formula RSS 3 V6 that I created. The main color of this skin ist black and purple, with a bit of white. I used this livery in the Champion R League by ChampionJoe This Skin includes the livery, the steering wheel was...
  12. Valenh

    Trackmania's car 2021-06-08

    TO DO: driver animations sounds gear indicator on rear lights
  13. L

    Open Wheel VS Tin Top - Are some car types just not for you?

    Hi all, I was wondering if it just me or other people too. Do you gravitate to a particular type of car, for example Open Wheel or Tin Top. I find myself racing mostly GT3, Stock Car, usually a car with a roof etc. and not racing Open Wheel. But not necessarily because I dislike Open Wheel...
  14. Stereo

    Dodge D150 Special (vintage open-wheel) 0.9

    Introduction Another quick project from me, cause I just enjoy building open-wheel cars with visible suspension for some unknown reason. This one's built from several junkyard Dodge trucks; the frame is a crewcab, engine is a Cummins 6BT. To suit the land speed open wheel style, the frame has...
  15. D.J. Harris

    2020 Harris Motorsports Super Formula *Fictional* 2020-10-02

    This is my own fictional scheme for the 2020 Super Formula carset created by enkay74 for Race Sim Studios' free Formula 3 V6 mod.
  16. tomhbehrendt

    FSAE: Monash Motorsport M17c 1.0

    Model: MMS M17c Version: V1.0 Do not redistribute, re-host, unpack or share this content without permission from myself or ( Install: Unzip “”, and paste into assetto corsa/content/cars in your respective installation location Note...
  17. enkay74

    2020 Super Formula Skin Pack (2K) 1.0

    A fair bit of work in this one so I hope you guys like it.... 2020 Super Formula skin pack of 20 cars (2K skins) all with driver suits, helmets, pit crews For this pack to work you will require the RSS 3 V6 (Free) from RSS: Also, for the drivers using...
  18. Whills

    Grand Prix Evolution Demo: Grand Prix 1994 [NO LONGER SUPPORTED] 3.2.1

    NOT RECOMMENDED TO DOWNLOAD !!! THIS ADDON IS NO LONGER SUPPORTED The latest complete version of this addon is Grand Prix Evolution. Download Grand Prix Evolution here: Try Automobilista version...
  19. K

    gfds 2020-06-24

  20. F1TomeeHD

    Looking For Assetto Corsa league

    Dear Forum members, I hope i post my question to the good place. I'm looking for Open Wheel / Formula OR Street Cars league championships for Assetto Corsa where i can join in. I'm not a professional driver, I'd say I'm semi-pro / above beginners. I'm racing for fun for years but i want to join...