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sean bull

  1. SeanBullDesign

    RSS Formula Hybrid 21 - FIAT F1 Livery -Sean Bull Design 01

    2021 Fiat F1 livery concept: Classic Italian racing red mixed with exposed carbon for the first ever Italian company to win a Grand Prix in 1907 Livery by Sean Bull design, and adapted for in game use by Tom Eddie: @Ferrari2016
  2. SeanBullDesign

    RSS Formula Hybrid 21 - Porsche F1 Livery -Sean Bull Design 01

    2021 Porsche F1 Livery Concept Visualising the alternative reality we never got, had Porsche entered in 2014 or continued with the recently abandoned engine for the 2021 season Livery by Sean Bull design, and adapted for in game use by Tom Eddie: @Ferrari2016
  3. SeanBullDesign

    RSS Formula Hybrid 21 - Lotus F1 Livery -Sean Bull Design 01

    2021 Lotus F1 Livery Concept Classic Lotus colours and a minimalist Livery design inspired by the cars of the 60's Livery by Sean Bull design, and adapted for in game use by Tom Eddie: @Ferrari2016 First of a few uploads for the RSS cars coming so enjoy!
  4. fakez

    BMW Motorsport F1 Team 2021 Livery 1.2

    BMW Motorsport F1 Team 2021 [Livery only] Based on Sean Bull and paprykk's livery created for the complete MyTeam experience. I created my own version with more sponsors and removed the chrome features. Creds to paprykk who made the original mod with suit, helmet and much more. Check it out if...
  5. NM4N


    My first livery designed by me. Taken inspiration from the amazing Sean Bull Brawn Mercedes F1 2021 concept, which just looks so good. Havnt perfected everything in this livery but will be learning across the way. Please feel free to provide sugestions or improvements/any tips or tricks. ALL...
  6. GuiihRamos

    BMW i Motorsport F1 Team - Full Package 1.0

    If you want to support my work: Donate Hello everyone! What if BMW bought Sauber's operations to be partners in the F1 world again? Livery inspired by Sean Bull's versions: White/Black and Full Black *Copy and paste the version* *"READ ME" FILE IS IMPORTANT* Hope you enjoy this mod...
  7. Neko Taisen

    Sean Bull Design Peugeot F1 2007 Livery 1.3

    New work freshly done for the VRC MP4/22 ! The original design is from Sean Bull Design. I'm just here to make his designs playable. #24 Franck Montagny #25 Olivier Panis Credits to BlackToof for the original helmet of Olivier Panis...
  8. AndresMeza

    Citroen Cyan F1 Team (Sean Bull Inspirate) 0.2

    Spanish. Buenas como estan? Acá les traigo mi tercer livery inspirado en un diseño de sean bull design. por el momento solo se instala por ERP. Espero lo disfruten. English. How are they? Here I bring you my third livery inspired by a design by sean bull design. at the moment it is only...
  9. nihilus99

    BAR 2020 Sean Bull like style 1.0

    My new Formula Hybrid 2019 work based on Sean Bull's Instagram series called Alternative F1 History. Like man, who start watch F1 since 1993 that f1 ages are lovely memories for me. So. This time i try to make BAR 2020 car designed by Sean Bull. Not 100% like on his arts, but some like that. In...
  10. AndresMeza

    My Team's (SEAN BULL DESIGN) Chevrolet Chaparral 2019. 1.0

    Spanish. Buenas, este es mi segundo "My Team" livery skin. Espero les guste. Es el skin de CHEVROLET CHAPARRAL, F1 por Sean Bull Design. La instalación por el momento es solamente por ERP, ya que no he tenido tiempo de hacer un copio y pego de los archivos. espero que les guste. Y saludos...
  11. K

    Jaguar F1 Team 1.5

    Hello guys, I'm back! After these sh**ty helmets I maded, I gone deep into modding. Especially in skins. My friend @Gabbopro requested a Jaguar skin for his MyDriver serie, and here it is! For now there is only the livery, later I will add the full team package. READ HERE: For this skin working...
  12. Eur3ka

    Sean Bull Renault RS.20 Fantasy Livery 2019-10-25

    I will be releasing a livery mod each day this week so keep your eyes peeled ;) - I am also open to livery requests again but please do not get abusive if I decline to do a certain livery as I'll only be making those that I also want to do. - Thanks all and happy modding! - Sean Bull's Renault...
  13. SeanBullDesign

    Chaparral 2Z-19 Livery for the RSS 19: Sean Bull Design 1.0

    Fantasy General Motors Works Entry based on the RSS19, race suit and and helmet provided Full Studio Gallery Here: https://www.behance.net/gallery/78986451/Chaparral-2Z-19-3D-Livery-Visualisation-and-Design Pirelli 2K Tyres used from formulaHeine's set here...
  14. Eur3ka

    Sean Bull Fantasy Renault RS.19 Livery 1.01

    Sean Bull's Fantasy Renault RS.19 Livery Renault continues their yellow and black design trend going into 2019 Check out Sean Bull here: instagram.com/seanbullliveries/ twitter.com/seanbulldesign behance.net/SeanBull This is my first chassis change on F1 2018 so let me know if anything is...
  15. Eur3ka

    Sean Bull Fantasy Force India VJM12 Livery 1.02

    My first mod for F1 2018 is a familiar one ;) Sean Bull's fantasy Force India VJM12 Livery A fan favourite F1 2017 skin recreated in F1 2018 Two versions - mirrored and non-mirrored. If you do not like mirrored decals, you can choose the "not mirrored" folder. You will miss out on these decals...
  16. W

    Sean Bull Design - Haas VF-18 1.1

    Sean Bull Design - Haas VF-18 Uses the Ferrari chassis, install with EEA. Custom number template (.psd) also included. Due to model limitations, the main Haas & Richard Mille logos are flipped on the right side. Previews:
  17. Jimbo62

    Formula A - Lexus F1 Team 2018-04-29

    Lexus F1 Team [Design by Sean Bull : https://www.behance.net/SeanBull] Customs rim colors, chrome/mat effect are disable at this time in P.Cars 2. However, I integrated it in the upload, maybe one day SMS will upload his game for this... Place formula_a_livery.dds in ...
  18. Eur3ka

    Sean Bull Aston Martin RBR Fantasy Neon Green Livery 02/03/2018

    The 2018 Livery's have been released and that camo livery was our only hope. Sean Bull's fantasy rendition of a Aston Martin RBR Livery was highly requested so here it is. DISCLAIMER Unfortunately, there are major limitations on the Red Bull chassis so therefore I was unable to include...
  19. Viruz_Pro

    Williams Martini Racing - Formula RSS 2 1.1

    The Livery was inspired by Sean Bull's Concept Art for the 2017 Formula 1 Car This Skin Pack includes: 4K Version of the Skin 3 Variations of the Skin: Lance Stroll #18, Sergei Sirotkin #41, Blank Livery Customized Pit Crew Pirelli Tyres Williams Logo on the Wheel This is definitely not a...
  20. Matix

    Tatuus FA01 Renault 1.0

    Hello, Guess the original designer... -Skin only -Less than 10MB (for online) Enjoy!