Ferrari F40-Compitizione | 723hp/706Nm

Ferrari F40-Compitizione | 723hp/706Nm v1.5

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Hi Guys

Thanks to THYR308 for the tip on correcting the car pulling slightly to the right.

Update details:

- Steering corrected in hdv file
- AMS ext. & interior shaders added
- Changed values slightly
- FFB checked


PushrodSpindle=(-0.150, -0.150, 0.000)
PushrodBody=(-0.310, 0.320, 0.000)


PushrodSpindle=(0.150, -0.150, 0.000)
PushrodBody=(0.300, 0.320, 0.000)

***Some small changes to the suspension to try out***

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Hi Guys

In this update there's a complete new setup for the AI.

Most recently there was a review on YouTube which was very good except for one issue the guy had, first corner problems at Imola.

I'm pretty decent with open wheelers around Imola but seem to struggle a bit with other cars so I never tried this beast there.

On the tracks that I did test the car I had pretty decent races with out any real problems and was happy with the AI.

Well I decided to give Imola a try and no go for me, just couldn't get to the second corner with out any incidents.

I've just finished testing the new AI at three different tracks, ten lap short races, one at 90% AI and the other at 100%.

Imola, Interlagos and Barcelona were the one's tested with twenty cars on the grid.

Other than myself smashing into the cars at Imola in the first race, (my fault) the other two ran without any incidents, still lost the race but the AI was much better.

Interlagos was awesome and Barcelona was good too.

The racing was tight and fair to the end and I honestly think that this is a good step forward.

Have fun and enjoy!
Hi Guys

Update details:

- Damage file and hdv. file entry added (you can adjust the damage multiplier strenght ingame as you want)
Thanks to Sergiolo for picking this up.
- My personal livery added (Scuderia)

Below are some settings that you can incease as shown for a better ride experience.


In general from my side and many others I am very happy with the car so far.

There are a few guys who are having troubles with FFB, I think it's three maybe four guys who for some reason have little or no FFB.

I honestly don't know what's the cause and don't know how to solve this when everyone else including me has good FFB, even my controller has FFB.

If anyone has a solution, please look at the support section for this car just above and there two or three guys that are having similar problems.

Your help and am sure would be very much appreciated, thank you!

You can post any suggestions in the support section.
Hi Guys

Update details:

- Five more liveries added to the grid
- Some minor tweaks to the hdv file

If you have a previous version of this mod just copy over the full folder and allow to overwrite. This way you are sure to have all updates done.

Hi Guys

Sorry to update so quickly, just noticed after a quick race that I could improve some settings.

Update details:

- AIForcePassCarLength & AIPassLatScalar settings added
- Increased the steeringlock setting to 15.

If you have already downloaded the mod you can download the fix hear so that you don't have to download the mod again.

File download size: 9.5kb

Allow to overwrite

Thank you!