Ferrari F40-Compitizione | 723hp/706Nm

Ferrari F40-Compitizione | 723hp/706Nm v1.5

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Hi Guys

Here we have another Rfactor conversion by myself which I finally had the time to finish.

I really wish I could thank someone for this car but no author has being mentioned and I've tried looking on other sites too.

Skins are from a skin pack for the Assetto Mod that I have used for this conversion.

If this is your car mod or if any of the skins in this pack are yours please send me a personal mail so that I can give credits to the right people, thank you!

Update details:

- Complete rework/rebuild with new files and textures
- New suspension and tire files
- New hdv file
- Improved AI behaviour
- Ride height adjustment (visual only, does not affect physics)
- Damage file and hdv. file entry added (you can adjust the damage multiplier strenght ingame as you want)
- Complete rebuild of the interior with new textures and shaders
- All other textures have being reworked, changed or optimized
- Sixteen skins done so far
- Skins optimized with several fixes
- New windows for all cars
- Complete new sound pack with sfx. sound setup file
- Various FFB settings added (select in showroom)
- New shaders, shader pack and ambient shadows added
- Mask file corrected
- New cam file
- Series file and icon added
- Various settings and file tweaks





Known issues:

- With all skin conversions I've had to make several edits, logo replacements(better quality) and various other adjuments to work with the AMS model.

- None of the skins had driver names so have I've just used the teams instead.

- In the showroom there are several settings available for the car, to be honest I have only tried the FFB settings to make sure that they work.

- The suspension is setup on the stiff side, so I don't recommend that you try very bumpy tracks with car.

- In general this car is awesome to race, super fast with great sounds and am sure you will enjoy this one, have fun :)


If you guys have any suggestions to help improve this mod your help would be appreciated.

Please use the support section or contact me privately for any suggestions or if help needed, thank you!

If you like what you see your review will be appreciate and please review my work only, thank you!


***The mod does have it's own series file and icon***

Installation guide:

- Download the mod
- Copy / Paste / install
- Have fun and enjoy :)

For more ClimaxF1 Liveries/Skins, Tracks, Steering wheels, Team Garages, Race Suits, Gloves & Fantasy Skins please browse my downloads section here:

Thanks for all the support guys and this great racing community! So many good people online!
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  3. Damge file added and new skin

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Latest reviews

Hi - amazing mod, well done. Runs perfectly in game and no glitches and the AI is really fun to drive against which is seriously impressive.

Have you any plans to create more skins? Current skins are amazing and would love to hear if you are going to create more.
Not sure if there are any more liveries to add. These are the one's I could find for the F40.
To be honest also I don't plan on updating or making new uploads for AMS.
I still have some tracks here and there that I'm busy with but that's it for now.
Thanks for the review, much appreciated!
Nice car! tks,
Great mod, but there is a little problem.
The steering wheel turns to the right, there is no center return to the left because there is a mistake in the F40LM.hdv file:
PushrodSpindle=(0.150, ......)
The 2 first values must be positive (negative in [FRONTLEFT])
Looks like finally someone has come to the rescue.

Could you post this in the support section too, I know some still have this problem, much appreciated and thanks for the review!
Thank you so much for this great mod. The car is so good to drive, crazy fast but you can still drive it.

I don't know if it is appropriate to ask here but.....since you do so much quality work in AMS, is there some way of toning down the aggression of the AI in mods? The AI in most mods I've tried just drive like your not there when competition quality is close.

Thanks again for all your hard work it is really appreciated.
I see Reiza has added new settings to all their series files which is related the AI's behaviour when close or overtaking.

One could try add these settings to the cars series file and see if it helps. Just haven't had a chance to do proper tests.

I'm not a specialist with radius and always hope that someone can do better and help.

Thank for the review!
Nice mod, thank you. The car is fun... it needs just a few small tweaks to be great. FFB Seems a little light but I understand it is being worked on. The other issue is that the car has too much grip. The rear end should be fighting mightily to break loose when the massive boost comes on in low gears but it seems very easy to drive instead. Can this be addressed?
Based on all the reviews and feedback that I have had it's only the ffb which is still causing some problems with very few.

I have past the files on and have had no answers as yet as one of the guys is also unable to find anything wrong at this stage.
It's also the holidays now so I don't expect anything soon.

As for what you are feeling I unfortunately cannot change the car based on one review unless this was something that everybody were to be experiencing.
From my side I find myself having to control the throttle more with this car that any other car similar due to the massive power and lack of grip when pushing too hard.

As soon as I have feedback I will be making a new separate update for those who have the ffb issue.

Thanks for the review!
An absolute blast to drive. Drives like a super powered go kart. Might just be one of my favorite cars in Automobilista now.
so much fun to drive!! thank yiou!!
Fast and fun that's for sure.
Thanks for the review, enjoy!
Hey, I'm the guy on YouTube who was having problems with the AI at Imola. Thanks for watching the video, and thanks for the AI fix. The car is absolutely outstanding. Great work my friend!
I really liked your vid and not because of my car but the way present the video. Keep it up!

For those who haven't seeing the vid take a look hear:

Really glad you like the car and much appreciated for all reviews!
Thanks you, makes good series

Just a thought not criticism ........

I use OVGME to pack everything
I rename all your srs/tga with prefix
ie: CSMS_F40LM ( Climax single make series ) lol ;)

Just to keep them altogether and neat
That's actually a pretty good idea not just for my stuff but other mods or series too. Nice one :)
Thanks for the review!
Would be a 5 star if auto clutch wasn't forced on me just because I don't have an H-shifter. I have no idea if this was like that in the original mod but it makes it much less enjoyable because I have 3 pedals but no H-shifter atm. Also a lot of your recent cars make it impossible to brake to a stop in first gear.
I only ask one simple thing is to review my work only yet this always seems to be a problem.
I have not made any changes to the gearbox or upgrade settings.
Next time please read before you review, this would be appreciated, thank you!
Wow what a great surprise mate ! thank you so much for sharing your work with us :)
Always a pleasure and really appreciate the reviews!
Excellent car, I love it. Is it possible to add a red 'street' version without livery, just the Ferrari logos?:)

Kind of difficult to say no when your profile pic is a red one.
Let me see what I can do and will send you a link to download.

Thanks for the review!
Another great mod. You are spoiling us. Thank you for sharing.
Glad you like and thank you for the review!
Excellent work. Thank you! I feel the steering a bit loose around the center. Is there a way to fix it?
You can try increasing the front caster to 2.8deg or 3.0deg.
The front toe you lower by one setting, these settings should make the steering feel a bit stiffer.
You can always decrease the steering lock from 15 to 14 but remember each point you drop the less turn in you will have.
This is what I have done on my side and feels pretty good.

Thanks for the review!
This is a car of a kind making me shout out Whooooo Hoooooo.
Great job !!!
This car is a bit of rush racing, good fun to have.
Much appreciated and thanks for the review!
excellent work as always .... I keep having his collection of mods, in my AMS, .. I just found a flaw, that maybe I can solve, .. I saw the AI crashing against the walls in the box, uncontrolled .... Can you make an F1 2019 mod with the pilots already confirmed?
When there is 2019 liveries to work from then one can look at a mod of some sorts, until then there's not much one can do unlesss you make it a fantasy mod.
Thanks for the review!
Yup, that's how ya fly first class CF1. Good job.
Just had a good race around Spa, good track for this car.
Thanks for the review, enjoy!
Another Good Mod from ClimaxF1.
After i saw Picture from the Car in the EEC Forum i was very exited to drive it. I just driven smth Like 10 Laps on some older Tracks and i must say BWOAH. The Waiting Woth it :)
I'm sorry it took so long, I got stuck a bit and eventually learned how to change what I wanted to.
This car is super fast and fun to drive.
Much appreciated for the review!
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