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Fonsecker Sound Pack Part 3 1.2

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Fonsecker Sound Mod Pack 3 V 1.0

Alfa Romeo GTA
BMW M3 E30 Gr. A (same sounds as DTM version)
BMW M235i racing
Mazda MX5 Cup
Ferrari 488 GT3
Lamborghini Huracan SuperTrofeo
Ferrari FXX K
Sauber C9

Part 1 can be downloaded here
Part 2 can be downloaded here


Changelog for 1.8:
-New car sound BMW M235i racing
-small updates on the transmission sounds on almost all cars
-Volume level updates on all cars

Put all files into the assettocorsa\content\cars folder or replace just the sounds you like.

Recommendet opponent sound level: 0.6-0.7

if u experience stuttering or complete loss of sounds of one or more cars, i recommend changing the max channels in the audio.ini:


U can find the Audio.ini in common\assettocorsa\system\cfg

You can have a look or "ear" at my Youtube channel

Latest updates

  1. Update to V 1.8 small updates and enhancements

    This is an update for my sound packs. I have reworked all of my sounds. Changelog for Pack 3...
  2. Updated sounds for AC 1.10

    This time only an update to make my sounds work for AC 1.10 with some small improvements here...

Latest reviews

all car sounds are completely lost, hope u can fix that
Installed the sound Packs a while ago.
Needed to say every sound is amazing.
Thanks for your work
Oldies but Goodies.
You might find good car sounds on by one BUT there is no such compillation of excellent sounds out there. Except for the other three parts of your master piece :)
THX so much!
Later & Servus, Yours ART FLY
the game / cars come to life with this mod pack.
awesome,listen to this sound developers :)
as always, excellent
Great but please please add BMW M4 sound thanks.
Perfect Job!!! Thanx!!! ;-/)
amazing work :D
One of the best thing in AC after VR. Great immersion, which helps in being more focused and actually faster. Donation on its way :) Thank you!!
Kunos must hire you
Must have mod for this game
great update on those sounds. to add on the request of TheDarkenn, I have some footages of the FXX K that could help. both inside and outside
Thank You for updating, Fonsie! Should I be waiting for real FXX-K internal sound? Or won't it ever be upgraded? (Cause as I know, it's 599XX Evo internal sound) xD
They are from the old FXX. If i get better recordings, perhaps i will make new sounds, but they are nice and as long as i don´t use this car that much, i wont spend that much time on in in the near future.
The sound mod is broken due to AC update, will you do the same with the mod?

downloaded it for the 488 GT3 and noticed a weird crackle noise going on in the high revs.. you notice it in 6th gear when driving straight for a long time :/
kinda like if you move the 3mm jack of your headphones, you get this crackle noise.
its not only a personal issue as a pal of me has the same issue. It is kinda like the audio files have had a distortion..

do you guys witness the same maybe?
This really is a must--have mod for AC! Greatly improves the audio on all the cars featured, which in turn really enhances immersion. Great work!
great work.
To me, proper sounds add so much to the immersion, it's basically an extension of what you see on screen. This is better than Kunos by a mile. I basically refuse to drive without these sounds.

Thanks for the sounds Fonsi, hope you keep going! Excellent stuff!
Kunos should hire you.
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