WEC GTE Pack 2018-2020

WEC GTE Pack 2018-2020 0.99

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These are my rendition of the WEC and Le Mans GTE liveries from 2018 through to 2020.
The pack now has 63 liveries from WEC and Le Mans on the; Corvette C7R, URD AMR, URD Bayro, URD Detroit, URD upgraded Porsche RSR '18 and the Kunos 488 GT3





All skins are available in 4K and 2K, both uncompressed.

The URD Aston Martin GTE can be bought here
The URD BMW GTE can be found here
The Kunos C7R can be found in DP1
The Porsche RSR 2018 update for the Kunos car can be found here
The 488 can be found in the Red Pack. The skins will also work on ACRL's GTE varient here
Or this 488 GTLM mod more recently available here

Latest updates

  1. Added Porsche 2018 + fixes

    Added the Porsche 2018 (URD) skins. This includes the 93 and 94 cars for Le Mans appearances...
  2. Additional cars

    So I've added skins for other cars from WEC and Le Mans 2018-2020 -Added Corvettes Le Mans...
  3. Additional Liveries and Improvements

    The pack now features all liveries currently used on the car. GTE Pro WEC/LeMans 2018-2020 -...

Latest reviews

Thanks a lot! Such an awesome pack!!
amazing work, are you planning to make the 2019 LM Risi Competizione? As its really missing here. Keep up the work :D
unbelievable, thanks a lot for your work !
Excellent livery pack
great work. saved me a ton of time. Well done.
Great work!
been looking for these skins since these cars came out, thank you!
Excellent! Thanks a lot!
All Aston Martin LM skin is the same of all Aston Martin WEC skin. Fix it and the pack is perfect.
I checked and it's just the 2018 and 2019 Le Mans skins with the DHL logo instead of the Le Mans one
amazing work, thanks mate!
Very nice pack!
SuperGreat job mate on the skins, The track pack is error 404, the other links are ok.
I don't manage the links from the league. I only linked it for people to use the 488
Superb work, thank you very much!

Do you plan to add the 2019 Le Mans Risi Competizione #89 skin? Surely not an easy one I guess...
I might do that after the Porsche and some P1 skins. I want to also add more AM class skins for the cars so it may take a while.
Outstanding work!
Thanks for your amazing work
Thanks allot!
Amazing job, i cant believe you did the 488 and C7R!! We are only missing the Porsche for a full 2019 GTE Pro grid!!
I plan on doing the Porsches in the next update. Just want to give myself a little break first :)
Thank You
This man just went absolutely bonkers and made 47 liveries
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