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F_Classic Electronic Dash 1.0

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This mod upgrades the DEFAULT cars' dials and digital display to an LCD dash with digital Rev Bar.

It works with the DEFAULT GSC2013 Formula Classic cars, and will not work on any new cars or veh files you have added yourself.

(If you are using my 1991 F1 skins and you want to use these electronic dashboards then please download the latest version 1.4 which will include the electronic dashboard upgrade).

To install on all vehicles:

1)back up all your original veh files

2)copy these veh files over the originals.

3)place the F_Classic_digital.GEN file into the F_Classic folder.

*** OR ***

Use Jonesfoft Generic Mod Enabler as it will install and uninstall this mod easily whenever you want.

*** OR ****

To install the dash on a single car:

in the veh file change the following two lines:





place the F_Classic_digital.GEN file into the F_Classic folder.


Known issues:

1)for some reason if you install this on a single car, the throttle affects the oil gauge of any AI cars that still have the default dash. But this is of no importance as you can't see their dashboards while you are driving :)

2)the two Torino cars retain the default dashboard. I cannot work out why this is. I will update this mod if I can solve it.

Thanks to Reiza for the original files.
This mod is an adaptation of my GSC2012 version of this mod, and again Reiza are to thank for the original files.


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