F1 2017 Increased wet weather grip

F1 2017 Increased wet weather grip 7.0

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This mod has only been used on 50% single player career mode, but should also work in the other single player modes eg, grand prix.

The mod should work the same in different length races, say 25% or 100%, but I have not tested them all.

It is NOT intended as a cheat or to make things easy - it's aim is to balance & equalise the grip levels between player and AI.

DO NOT use it in multiplayer, you will get kicked.

All the F1 games up to f1 2017 at least, seem to be the same - when it starts to rain, the AI carry on with the same grip ability right up to the moment they pit for inters, but I immediately start to lose grip and in those couple of laps when everyone should be pitting for inters or wets, the AI lose NO time or positions, but I usually lose several places, ruining the race.

The AI also make no mistakes in the wet.

This file edits ALL tyre grip levels *in the wet only*, so that the dry tyres have a little bit more grip when it starts to rain, and wets/inters also have slightly improved grip.
This allows me to keep pace with AI on slicks when it starts to rain, and also when changed to wets or inters.

Tyre wear levels have also been adjusted slightly as the player seems to run longer than the AI in most situations, and is able to choose a one stop strategy when AI have to choose two - this change helps to even things out.
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