Formula Classic 1991 Skins, Performance, Reliability AMS 3.051

Set of 1991 FClassic skins, multiplayer & single player versions

  1. Keith Windsor

    Formula Classic 1991 Mod:
    Updated & converted to Automobilista from my original Stock Car Extreme version. Includes:

    Skins, Performance Variations, Mechanical failures, Talent files.

    by KMW

    Version 3.051 AMS KMW 2018

    In this readme file:
    1) Credits
    2) changelogs
    3) Information
    4) How to install
    5) About the Offline skinset
    6) Previous changes (from SCE)
    7) known issues


    1) CREDITS:
    As always, a big thank you to Reiza for the original templates & files used to paint these skins & create the updates.
    All original work remains the copyright of Reiza, and files are used with their kind permission.


    2) changes for Automobilista:

    Updated engine files to match Reiza's latest changes.
    Edited fuel capacity so that cars can complete 100% GP race distances.
    Fixed AI aero package not changing to low downforce correctly.

    Updated upgrade files for compatibility with latest Reiza changes.
    Balanced AI variations, so teammate should be a better match with the human player.
    Fixed some graphical errors.

    2.02 to 3.04
    Not uploaded - included changes to analogue/digital dashboard options and AI variations. Reiza have now included the dashboard options as default, so I removed mine.

    2.01AMS (this version):
    Updated talent and performance variations - adjusted driver speed, drag and brake/grip variations to improve racing and use of new blue flag behaviour.

    Previous versions:

    1.0AMS basic conversion of files from Game Stock Car Extreme, to get the mod working in Automobilista.
    1.01AMS McLaren & Ferrari sounds reverted to default Formula Classic engines, as V12 sound no longer works for them.
    1.02AMS New performance variations inserted, greatly improves general level of overtaking by leaders on backmarkers.
    1.03AMS analogue dash removed as it is not currently functioning properly. All cars now have new Reiza LCD dash.
    1.04AMS adjusted the pitstop times of AI by changing fuel load times, so that AI behaviour matches human behaviour, for fair offline racing.
    1.05AMS Re-worked talent files.
    1.06AMS Engine sounds changed in some cars. Upgrades files amended to work with Reiza's new Aero update.

    Updated files for compatibilty with Reiza's latest updates - engine files, aero & arm upgrades, fuel/pit settings.
    Updated talent files - amended courtesy settings for blue flags & added Reiza's new start skill & tyre management.
    Updated reliability - slightly increased likelihood of some slower cars retiring & faster cars lasting for race distance, to improve offline racing.
    Updated series file to include new AI blue flag behaviour.
    Low downforce setup now automatically fitted to all cars at old Hockenheim & some other default tracks (you can add your own mod tracks to the list by inserting them into TrackConfigBase.ini in the team folders).


    3) Information

    Single Player version: By default, 26 cars will appear in your game, from a total of 34 available in the mod. Set includes performance & reliability variations.

    Multiplayer version: this set includes 34 car liveries, but all car physics are equal.

    Note re single player version:

    Several teams had to pre-qualify in 1991 and will not appear in the offline version by default.
    If you want any of these drivers to appear in your game, just open the relevant driver .veh file using notepad and remove the word VOID from the end of the hdv line.

    Example: to make Blundell appear in your game, open 91blundell8.veh using notepad.

    Change the line

    Save the file again as 91blundell8.veh and the car will then appear in game.

    There are two sets to choose from -
    a) single player version - use these offline if you want the best, 'realistic' performance variation between the cars. In this set, the Williams/Mclarens will usually be out front, and the Coloni or Modena will be near the back of the grid. You will be unlikely to score points in a Ligier, but your challenge is against your team mate and other backmarkers, and you will also need to watch your mirrors & drive your own race without getting in the way of Senna/Prost etc when they lap you;
    and if you choose a front running car such as McLaren or Ferrari, then you should expect to be winning or getting in the points, so your challenge will vary depending on the car you drive.

    b) multiplayer version - all car physics are default, so cars will be identical - use these for online leagues, or offline if you want close racing with default car behaviour (race order may not be as close to 1991 though, as AI lap times will be closer without the addition of power/aero variations).


    4) How To install:

    I recommend a mod manager such as Jonesoft Genric Mod Enabler - it will install or remove this mod automatically for you and the files provided here are already in the correct structure.

    Manual installation:

    Simply copy the contents of each folder into the original folders i.e:
    Copy the reiza91FC.srs & reiza91FC.tga files into the series folder.
    Copy entire contents of Vehicles\F_Classic folder into the default Vehicles\F_Classic folder
    Copy Talent/F_Classic91 folder & its .rcd contents into the default Talent folder.

    No default files are overwritten by this mod.


    5) About the Offline Skinset:

    The performance of each team has been varied slightly. This means that, as in the 1991 season, the McLaren and Williams will have a bit more power, be capable of braking later into the turns, & be aerodynamically more efficient, while cars further down the grid will be less capable in these areas. Of course I know the real cars had far more differences than this, but this is the most predicatable and consistent way to create the necessary variation, while still retaining the original physics and handling on each car.

    I am aware this will not be to everyone's taste, but I find the end result works very well. But if you don't like it, you can choose the 'multiplayer' cars included in this mod instead. These contain skins and talent files only, and use default physics files.

    Using the performance variations has the following effects:

    - it creates a wider and more realistic spread of lap times between the pole and last position car.

    - for offline racing, the biggest benefit is that it assists the faster AI to overtake the slower ones. So instead of seeing the leaders stuck behind a backmarker, sometimes for several laps, they are now generally able to overtake and lap the slower car more quickly. Yes, they will still get caught up sometimes, especially on twistier circuits, as the slower cars have no awareness of the need to let the faster car past, but the problem is much reduced, & the overtake is now completed quite easily on a fast section of the track and usually in less than a single lap. It's still important to use the included talent files, as the combination of the two are what produce the overall improvement.

    [On the other hand, if only talent files are used to vary the AI, then that variation remains small at best, usually hundredths or tenths of a second, which is not realistic for F1, and it results in the pack staying closer together. More often than not, it's only cars that have pitted for repairs that are ever caught by the leaders,and when this happens, they can hold up the leaders for a very long time, or sometimes the lead cars are content to stay behind the slower car till the end of the race. Of course, some good overtakes will still be seen occasionally, but there are some frustrating blockages when lead cars are held up by backmarkers, and it often ends up adversely affecting the result of the race, and spoils the feeling of realism for the Human player].

    So choose your seat carefully, and don't expect to win if you choose to drive a Minardi!


    6) Previous changes (to Stock Car Extreme version)

    Amendment & Update to Ver 2.5:

    i) Improved paint skins:

    I've overhauled each of the paint skins. They now look tidier, and they more accurately resemble the real world cars.

    ii) Added the following:
    Fabrizio Barbazza - AGS;
    Thierry Boutsen - Ligier;
    Erik Comas - Ligier;
    Eric Bernard - Larrousse;
    Aguri Suzuki - Larrousse;
    Pedro Chaves - Coloni
    this brings the total cars to 32.

    iii) Mechanical Failures:
    In the 1991 season, it was common for less than half the field to actually finish the race, and only 6 or so cars to be on the lead lap at the end of the race.

    To help simulate this, the mod now includes a reliability factor - There is a chance of mechanical failure which varies between cars/teams. You are more likely to see the full effect of this if you run full length F1 races, but you will still see an increase in the number of cars retiring in any session. As well as being an attempt to add to the 'realism', I think it also adds some excitement to the session, seeing a car pull to the side of the track with engine smoking or on fire, or driving into the pits and retiring with a gearbox failure.

    And if you are racing for one of the slower teams it can also help you make it into the points if a few of the faster cars have to retire towards the end.

    [of course if you prefer not to use this or any of these power & reliability changes, you can instead use the multiplayer 'Lite' version included in this mod, which consists of only the car liveries, helmets & driver talent files, and uses the default game physics).

    iv) major improvement to performance variations and AI behaviour:

    I've done a rework of the driver talent files and performance variations of each team, and found some big improvements.

    In the previous version, there were still a number of issues: fast cars were barging into the slower cars when they caught up with them; there was too big a gap between the top 4 teams and the midfield; and too big a time difference between the front and back of the grid.
    Changes in this version have made big improvements to the behaviour of the AI, made the racing slightly closer for the midfield; and the time difference has been reduced through the grid. The AI difficulty is now better balanced, and there should be good racing whichever car you choose to drive.

    v) Digital Dash for selected teams only:

    As a further update to the digital dash upgrade, now only selected cars have the upgraded dash (McLaren, Williams, Benetton & others). The rest retain the analogue 80s dash. This is to refelct the changes that were taking place in F1 technology in the early 90s.


    Amendment & Update to Ver 2.0:

    Overhaul of all files making them much easier to install - NO original files are overwritten, and this car set appears as a carset in the main game menu, so you can still choose the original default cars if you want.

    Mod includes two skin sets:
    * - - Multiplayer SkinPack: this is the 1991 car skins & drivers, plus Talent files, with all car performances being equal. This set is mainly for multiplayer use, but it can certainly be used offline too if you wish. AI behaviour will be the same as default, only the skins and names have changed.
    ** - - Offline Skinpack: this is the 1991 skins & drivers, plus Talent files, PLUS it includes some performance variations between teams - this is aimed at the offline player, as it provides a wider performance difference between AI.

    Cars in this set have an updated Digital dash


    Amendment - Ver 1.4
    All skins remain the same, but the dashboards in this set have been upgraded to the electronic version. If you prefer the analogue dash (with dials) then continue using ver 1.3).


    Amendment - ver 1.3
    Updated for GSC2013 (These are exactly the same skins but have been painted onto new GSC2013 Templates to make the colours reproduce correctly).


    Amendment - Ver 1.2:
    Improved the Talent files, the crash figures were incorrect, the AI should behave slightly better & less prone to spin/crash into each other with these new files.


    Amendment - Ver. 1.1:
    1) Tidied up some graphics on Brundles helmet.
    2) corrected missing paint inside cockpits

    Ver. SCE 1.0 by KMW 2013


    7) Known Issues

Recent Reviews

  1. Foresight
    Version: 3.051
    GREAT update, thanks you so much.
    looking forward for the F1 88 update !
  2. Bostrom
    Version: 3.051
    Great work and thank you for sharing.
  3. Shad3R
    Version: 3.051
    Will you update the other season skins of the F1 cars?
    1. Keith Windsor
      Author's Response
      Yes, will do, sorry haven't had time recently but will definitely do the 1988 cars soon
  4. vallespir
    Version: 3.05
    McLaren sound and Williams Renault sound were confused. Please switch them.
  5. Vanisch
    Version: 3.05
    Fantastic, Thanks so much
  6. dreamer al
    dreamer al
    Version: 3.05
    Many thanks. Love your work.
  7. dreamer al
    dreamer al
    Version: 2.0
    Excellent skins. Thank you for sharing.
  8. Michael Nawrazalla
    Michael Nawrazalla
    Version: 2.0
    thx :)
  9. Craig Dunkley
    Craig Dunkley
    Version: 2.0
    A huge amount of work has gone into this skin pack and I want you to know it is fully appreciated ...having a talent file that does NOT overwrite previous (or default) files is a HUGE plus for me..I know this alone would have given you many hours of work. Again many thanks love it.
  10. Marco Dakic
    Marco Dakic
    Version: 1.06
    Great mod, i do my Performance on my Mods the Same way :D

    @Marcio Calzoli

    This you have to put un your Upgrade folder of each Car.

    As Higher the BodyDragBase like (0.999) as less Grip in Corners and the Accerlation of the Car is becoming really bad.

  11. BeatBite
    Version: 1.05AMS
    Thank you a LOT!!! Not only for the skins, but also for the work you put into adjusting the cars' performance and reliability; top notch!
  12. Pudu
    Version: 1.05AMS
    Makes for one of the best simracing experiences in any sim. Thanks for all your hours of tweaking, fettling, and polishing this into a superb recreation of a classic era of motor racing.
    1. Keith Windsor
      Author's Response
      Many thanks for the comment - it seems to be working pretty well so far, especially the improved overtaking, but as with the 88 mod, if you notice any driver that is regularly too far out, I'm always happy to try and improve the numbers.
  13. Marcio Calzoli
    Marcio Calzoli
    Version: 1.0
    Hi, thanks a lot for your outstanding job!!! Now, could i ask you for a little help? What files should i modify if i want to change the performance of the teams? i want to try this in another mod i am fixing here. I want to make one team perform faster than the others. Or simply modify the order the cars start at the starting grid.

    1. Keith Windsor
      Author's Response
      Sorry I meant to reply to you earlier - just look in the upgrades file in each team folder, and you can see the changes I made. Bit too much to explain here, but you could use the same upgrade files and change the name of the upgrade file in your veh files to match.
  14. Fabian Biehne
    Fabian Biehne
    Version: 1.0
    Fantastic work. Have you ever thought about a Formula V12 pack?
  15. SLuisHamilton
    Version: 1.0
  16. MaicomElio
    Version: 1.0
    Thank you! Will you convert the 1988 mod for AMS too?
    1. Keith Windsor
      Author's Response
      Will do, uploading today :)
  17. renan_ma
    Version: 1.0
    Thank you for this!
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