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Formula Classic 1988 Skins, Performance, Reliability AMS 3.051

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Formula Classic 1988 Mod:

Skins, Performance Variations, Mechanical failures, Talent files.

Now for Automobilista

by KMW

Version 3.051 AMS Upload Version KMW 2018

Changes in this version:
Updated engine files to match Reiza's latest changes.
Fixed AI aero package not changing to low downforce correctly.
Edited fuel capacity so that cars can run a 100% distance GP.


In this readme file:
1) Credits
2) Information
3) How to install
4) Setting the difficulty level
5) About the Offline skinset
6) Previous changes
7) Known Issues


As always, a big thank you to Reiza for the original templates & files used to paint these skins & to create the upgrade options.
All original work remains the copyright of Reiza, and files are used with their kind permission.

2) Information:
This mod contains two versions -
single player, with performance & reliability variations
multiplayer, with all cars using equal, default physics.

There are 27 1988 skins, plus veh, talent, & additional engine files.

There are two sets to choose from -
a) single player version - use these offline if you want the best, 'realistic' performance variation between the cars. In this set, the Mclarens will usually be out front, and cars such as the West and Osella will be near the back of the grid. You will be unlikely to score points in an Osella, but your challenge is against your team mate and other backmarkers, and you will also need to watch your mirrors & drive your own race without getting in the way of Senna/Prost etc when they lap you;
and if you choose a front running car such as McLarne or Ferrari, then you should expect to be winning or getting in the points, so your challenge will vary depending on the car you drive.

b) multiplayer version - all car physics are default, so cars will be identical - use these for online leagues, or offline if you want close racing with default car behaviour (race order may not be realisitc to 1988 though, as AI lap times will be very close without the addition of power/aero variations).


3) How To install:

I recommend a mod manager such as Jonesoft Generic Mod Enabler - it will install or remove this mod automatically for you and the files provided here are already in the correct structure.

Manual installation:

Simply copy the contents of each folder into the original reiza folders i.e:
Copy the reiza88FC.srs & reiza88FC.tga files into the series folder.
Copy entire contents of Vehicles\F_Classic folder into the default Vehicles\F_Classic folder
Copy the Talent\F_Classic88 folder into the default Talent folder

No default files are overwritten by this mod.


4) SETTING YOUR AI Difficulty level:

Important - you can enjoy this mod on whatever settings you choose, but to feel the best effect of the performance variations, try the following:

*** Ensure that you match your ability to your teammate. ***
For example, if you choose to drive in Alboreto's Ferrari, then you should go to a PRACTICE session (not Test Day! as car performances may vary there compared to other sessions) and set the best laps you can on low fuel. It should be *extremely* difficult in a practice session, on low fuel, to beat your team mate, Gerhard Berger in the other Ferrari.
If you are competing easily with your teammate in Practice, then you need to go back to main menu and raise the AI difficulty percentage. If you cannot get anywhere near your teammate's laptime, then go back to main menu and decrease the AI difficulty.

Once you have it set correctly, you will find all the other cars' performances are about right compared to your car - and if a McLaren then passes you like you are standing still, you are probably close to the correct setting! (unless you are in the other McLaren LOL).


5) About the Offline Skinset:

The performance of each team has been varied slightly. This means that, as in the 1988 season, the McLaren will have a bit more power, be capable of braking later into the turns, & be aerodynamically more efficient, while cars further down the grid will be less capable in these areas. Of course I know the real cars had far more differences than this, but this is the most predicatable and consistent way to create the necessary variation, while still retaining the original physics and handling on each car.

I am aware this will not be to everyone's taste, but I find the end result works very well. But if you don't like it, you can choose the 'multiplayer' cars included in this mod instead. These contain skins and talent files only, and use default physics files.

Using the performance variations has the following effects:

- it creates a wider and more realistic spread of lap times between the pole and last position car.

- for offline racing, the biggest benefit is that it assists the faster AI to overtake the slower ones. Combines with the recent changes that Reiza have made to the AI, including blue flag awareness, these performance variations help to keep the front runners racing at top speed for the entire race, without being held up too much by back markers.

[On the other hand, if only talent files are used to vary the AI, then the variation tends to remain too small, and not really realistic for F1, and it results in the pack staying closer together].

So choose your seat carefully, and don't expect to win if you choose to drive a Coloni!


6) Previous changes

Ver 3.051 -
Edited fuel capacity so that cars can run a 100% distance GP.
Updated engine files to match Reiza's latest changes.
Fixed AI aero package not changing to low downforce correctly.

Ver 3.05 - updated engine and upgrade files for compatibility with Reiza's latest changes.

v2.1 to v3.04 (not uploaded):
updated files for compatibility with Reiza's numerous updates & improvements (engine files, series files, talent, ID numbers, upgrades).
Added upgrade option to choose between LCD and analogue dash. Some cars have old analogue dash by default. (then removed it again as Reiza have now included this as an option :) )
Adjusted talent files and performance variations to improve racing and overtakes under blue flag.
Amended tyre rule info for compatibility with Reiza's new tyre compound rules - Cars will now use qualifying tyres in Qualifying session and C compound in other sessions.

Version 2.1 AMS KMW 2017
Changes in this version:
Fixed some texture errors on vehicle dashboards.
Now fully incorporates two styles of dashboard - LED or old analogue dials.
Fixed problem with Aero and driver arm upgrades.


Version 2.05AMS Jun 2017
Changes in this version:
Updated the engine files to latest Reiza specs.
Re-added the good old analogue dashboard, from the early Formula Classics.
In 1988, some teams had advanced to lcd dash displays, but other teams had not yet progressed to that technology. So to add a bit of realism, some of the teams still have the old analogue dial dashboard.


Version 2.01AMS Jun 2017
Changes in this version:
Removed fuel tank and pitstop amendments from upgrade files - no longer needed as Reiza have updated & fixed the AI fuel use.
Updated series file to remove refuelling.
Amended tyre management skills in talent files to balance pit strategies, particularly at front of grid to keep the racing fair/consistent.


Version 2.0AMS May 2017
Updated files for compatibilty with Reiza's latest updates - engine files, aero & arm upgrades
Updated talent files - amended courtesy settings for blue flags & added Reiza's new start skill & tyre management.
Updated reliability - slightly increased likelihood of some slower cars retiring & faster cars lasting for race distance, to improve offline racing.
Updated series file to include new AI blue flag behaviour.
Low downforce setup now automatically fitted to all cars at old Hockenheim & some other default tracks (you can add your own mod tracks to the list by inserting them into TrackConfigBase.ini in the team folders).


v1.06 Mar 2017
upgrade files amended to work with Reiza's new Aero package.
Corrected some performance levels on slower cars.
Lowered some cars' reliability issues slightly, so that a few more cars now keep racing till the end - improves the racing.
Fixed minor error in srs season details
Amended pit groups so that AI pit correctly in majority of mod tracks.


v1.02-v1.05 May2016
Added new performance variations which improve overtaking by leaders on slower cars.
Re-wrote talent files.
Balanced pitstop times by editing fuel flow times, so that AI and humans take same amount of time in pits.


v1.02AMS 27/4/2016
Fixed Digital and LED dashboards not showing correctly in cockpits


Corrected name on Mclaren #11
Corrected alignment of log on rear body sides of McLarens
Fixed srs file so multiplayer cars appear correctly in main menu


v1.00AMS KMW2016


(from SCE version):

Ver 1.01
14/12/15: Adjusted performance of several cars/drivers (in particular, Nannini was too fast, Martini & Palmer were too slow, plus others).

Ver. 1.0 by KMW 2015


8) Known issues

File size
31.1 MB
First release
Last update
4.76 star(s) 38 ratings

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great job!
Thank you so much. These are some of my favourite liveries of all time and it is wonderful to be able to race them in this sim.
Fun guaranteed in high quality in a golden year.
Good, but...
With your update, the cars are limited to 1,5 bar turbo pressure, but it was 2,5 bar in 1988. Can you fix this?
BOM TRABALHO! totalmente épico.
This is a great old series. Thanks for the fine update.
Great Job and thank you for sharing.
Cars are slow!...they are no-way near the speeds of the default formula classic!...and when you run offline with ai they are way faster than you no matter what car you choose!...Its a pitty because i would have liked this mod!
I'll take a look at this. I'm not aware of a problem but I haven't driven them for a while so I will check it out.
Fantastic, Thanks so much
Why are cars so Slow? Top Speed 210 KM/H at Hockenheim Old
After upgrading to version 3.05, in off-line mode AI cars are very slow, I have already tried to increase the AI's ability and aggressiveness, but still they are much slower than my Lotus.
Sorry you're having trouble, I've no idea why, there have been no other reports of that. As always, I've tested any changes offline and the AI pace compares closely or exactly to previous versions.
Awesome. Thank you.
Question: is there a boostpressure +/- key/button available when in car/driving?
2.4 boost(vs default 1.4) is already a semi deathwish lol.
Cheers Robin
Wooohooooo - works like a dream. Thank you very much.
thank you for the update, this mod is amazing. cheers
Thanks for always keeping this labor of love updated! Always appreciated.
Wow!!! Love your work> Thank you for sharing.
Fantástico, um dos melhores mods para automobilista!!!!
Very good. We using it for the first season of the league
very good !