F1 2020 ACF1  (RSS FH2019) Championship (Novice)

F1 2020 ACF1 (RSS FH2019) Championship (Novice) 2.0

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Excellent job, thank you!
Thanks for your time. You saved me a lot of time gathering circuits, skins,....keep up the good work
Anyway to switch cars. I prefer the old V10 cars better. Would like to do this championship with those cars instead.
The GDrive link is absolutely legend!
Cirucits error... "file ui trackjson" is missing
Make sure when you download each track you right click to download a zipped file with all files included
GOOD JOB ! can you download same championship for ACFL2019 or ACFL2020 version please ????
Its in my to do list - watch this space :-D
non mi funziona...nn trova la traccia "3 vietnam GP 2020"
Ciao - Lo sarà se hai scaricato tutti i brani dal mio disco condiviso? Grazie
Excellent work, thank you.
Thank you! i have one question how do you make track like abu dahbi work at night with SOL. I tried the Japan night pack, but it s still too dark .
Do you use any specific setting or PPfilter ?
Hi - Just adjust the time of race to 1910 hrs or what suits e.g. 17:40 hrs for sunset etc -- I use a number of PPfilters but the __Sol_Extra_Mid_Warm one works well found here: https://www.racedepartment.com/threads/__sol_warm-ppfilters.178215/
Looks fabolous! Making a 2020 season mod too, more fantasy. Will be so fun!
Awesome :-)