F1 2020 ACF1  (RSS FH2019) Championship (Novice)

F1 2020 ACF1 (RSS FH2019) Championship (Novice) 2.0

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This is the second episode that allows you to glimpse inside Assetto Corsa/Content Manger of how to dive a bit deeper into being able to modify parameters of your user championships.

This technique can also be done by manually typing the changes into the .champ/.champ.json files found in 'Your PC/Documents/Assetto Corsa/Champs' Folder but can be a bit time consuming compared to using the GUI of Content Manager

Any questions don't hesitate to ask via comments section or the Racedepartment discussion forum

Until then
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Hi Simracers

I've added an additional championship which includes the six wet tracks [Austria, Belgium, Great Britain, Italy, Netherlands, and Spain] that are available for the F1 2020 Championship. RSS 2019 Formula Hybrid Mod.

Install Guide

Wet Mod 2
: https://www.racedepartment.com/downloads/assetto-corsa-wet-mod-by-a-fracasso.22468/
Deems Winter Packs (Snow): https://www.racedepartment.com/downloads/deems-winter-track-pack-snow-edition.24740/

Any questions don't hesitate to ask via the discussion forum

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Hi sim racers

I've updated the Singapore GP Track based on the excellent reworked track by JK (apologies I don't know the authors full name) based on the Day/Night track from ACU (AssettoCorsaUnderground)

Below is the information provided by JK
The shaders can be found here;
stFlow shader : https://www.racedepartment.com/downloads/stflow-shader.23999/
ksPerPixelMultiMap emissive shader: https://www.racedepartment.com/downloads/perpixelmultimap-with-emissive-map.22791/

or in the F1 2020/2018 Tracks folder on my shared drive along with the updated track

Stay Safe, Stay Well and Keep Racing

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From the author JK:
Base track is acu_singapore
- integrated day and night
- change layout
- change road mesh
- add objects
- rework overall

This track requires stFlow shader and ksPerPixelMultiMap emissive shader.

If play is heavy, I'd like you to turn off some lights material and animations.

If you have problems with the play, try first "ext_config.ini" rename to "ext_config.x"(any name)
and "ext_config.0" rename to "ext_config.ini" (If changed, helicopter don't move)

If light is strong, might want to turn down the light.

heli_a.ks5 : helicopter in right area
heli_an.ks5 : helicopter in right area (no move blade)

heli_b.ks5 : helicopter in left area
heli_bn.ks5 : helicopter in left area (no move blade)

obj_static.ks5 : normal billboard
obj_uvflow.ks5 : moving billboard 1
obj_vsg.ks5 : moving billboard 2

obj_static_p.ks5 : normal billboard (plain image)
obj_uvflow_p.ks5 : moving billboard 1 (plain image)
obj_vsg_p.ks5 : moving billboard 2 (plain image)

physics.kn5 : road with effect
physics_smooth.kn5 : no effect road

With the Corona-virus COVID-19 Pandemic impacting the 2020 FIA Formula One World Championship - I have created several Assetto Corsa Championships using the Race Sim Studio Formula Hybrid and ACFL Mods.

Hopefully, this instructional video, which relies heavily on content manager, will help with installing those custom championships uploaded to RaceDepartment

It is aimed at those who need help in loading the championship rather than the more experienced Assetto Corsa user

But everyday is a learning day so you never know.
All files in my shared GDrive
  • see link in readme file from original download

  • The Monaco 2020 track has been updated with a new AI lane to prevent AI bunching crashes at hairpin and some other corners - Normal contact still results in AI crash and hazard

  • Found that RSS FH2019 is ok at 80-85% AI Opponent Strength

  • 3 more camera views added

Screenshot_rss_formula_hybrid_2020_06_monaco_gp_24-4-120-22-25-38 (Large).jpg

  • Updated Vietnam track to that provided by @shin956 (Hanoi Street Track v0.8)
  • Added DRS Zones
  • Added Balloons
  • Added Camtool 2 camera
To Install
  1. Download zipped file '03_vietnam_GP_2020' located in the 'F1 2020 tracks' folder from my shared folder provided in readme file in this download.
  2. Rename original 03_vietnam_GP_2020 located in YourPC:\SteamLibrary\steamapps\common\assettocorsa\content\tracks\ to 03_vietnam_GP_2020orig
  3. Drag zipped file to 'Content Manager' where it will automatically install it for you
  4. If Balloons don't show in track copy 'objects3D' folder to - YourPC:\SteamLibrary\steamapps\common\assettocorsa\content folder

  5. With zipped background circuit 'screens' file - unzip files to YourPC>Documents>Assetto Corsa>screens or drag each one to respective track 'UI' folder in YourPC:\SteamLibrary\steamapps\common\assettocorsa\content\tracks\track name folder and rename to bgr00.jpg

Hi hope everyone is safe and well and managing to balance their downtime with day to day life.
Championship Launch page (Large).png

I updated the 2020 Williams Rokit driver name to 'Latifi' as it read 'Lafiti'

I also have place a copy of the Netherlands F1 Zandvoort track by Sylence01
at https://www.racedepartment.com/downloads/zandvoort-f1-layout.31840/ (Name change made for it to work with my championship) in my shared drive. You will also find a copy of the original track i used if you find the new one not to your liking - Just remove the 'orig' part from the folder name and it will work fine

All instructions are in the 'Readme' file

Also working on a RSS 2020 championship and career version for their recent Hybrid 2020 release.

Stay safe

Replaced Spanish GP track as AI cars either stalled or crashed on grid at start of race

If you have already downloaded - Please re-download from shared folder link provided in the 'readme' file

Use individual F1 Tracks 2020 folder rather than zipped file

Sorry for all the updates but finding issues as I reach specific tracks

Original Suzuka track changed due to AI issues - please re download from shared folder '17_Japanese_GP'

Monaco GP has AI issues on hairpin with AI cars crashing - Will look at replacing AI with new one as soon as I work it out - Seems all the Monaco tracks suffer the same issue with open wheel cars - Hot-lapping and Practice as a single racer is fine though

If you wish to alter your championship results i.e. you cannot finish a race but still get placed last try these tips
Do a practice then quit and when you come back skip to qualifying and race Progress is saved in Documents\Assetto Corsa\launcherdata\filestore\champs.ini
Hope this screenshot helps - View attachment 357391View attachment 357391

If you've already started the championship either reset or clone the existing one to carry out changes
Learning as I go so I changed time of day on Singapore GP so the lighting was improved on the cars using the night track
You will need to re download car skins from shared drive to update
Assetto Corsa Ferrari 2020 car preview fix.
All driver Helmet fix's as original used Real Helmet app which can be found here if you wish to keep it; https://www.racedepartment.com/downloads/acsprh-real-helmets-for-assetto-corsa.26805/
Replace existing Champs files in 'Your PC>documents>Assetto Corsa>champs with updated v1.3 to reflect Austria GP track changes
Updated the track to 3 DRS zones as per 2019/20 season and removed inner and south circuits
Start time and venue temperatures updated to reflect average temperatures and race start times. Weather set to random