content manger

  1. KoszmarnyKierowca

    General SOS! Problem with running AC after installing shader mods

    SOS! I've tried to install Jeddah circuit ( and to do so had to install Content Manager, STFlow and PerPixel. After doing so game showed some shader errors while loading. Had to reinstall the game, but...
  2. K

    CM and Steam VR/Valve Index not working.

  3. farthindret

    G920 Losing ffb when tab

    Hello I have searched everyone was for this problem but can not find anything about it I use cm and when I'm in single / multiplayer and tab out of the game I lose my wheel fbb and have to go out and join the server / game again and its working until I do the same thing again. Anyone now...
  4. Cozy61

    F1 2020 ACF1 (RSS FH2019) Championship (Novice) 2.0a

    Requires: Content Manager (Full version) free lite version here: Assetto Corsa Dream Pack 2 for Catalunya circuit Assetto Corsa Red Pack DLC for RedBull circuit SOL 1.5: Custom Shaders patch...
  5. DocFar

    Apps Content Manager removing tags from multiple cars

    Does anyone know if there is some way to remove a tag from multiple cars eg say I choose the tag "Street" in content and then view all cars with that tag there a way to select them all and remove the tag "street" ?
  6. D

    Content Manager Mod - Issues With Wheel Settings

    hi guys, I'm having some issues with the Assetto Corsa Content Manager mod. For some reason when i launch from content manager my h pattern shifter stops working.. its as if the clutch is mapping backwards or soemthing) i use a th8rs shifter and a g27 pedal / wheel. do you have any...