F1 2017 Vehicle 3D model 1.50

3d model of all the f1 2017 cars

  1. jburon72
    2017_model_ver_1_50.jpg This is the final version of the 3D models for all the 2017 cars. I did some rework on the cars 3d model and fix the error in the mclaren honda's decal material not showing on the 3D model and also for you to use it with keyshot. All the cars are now in one download link. Will do the 2016 and 2015 3d models as well in the future for modders of the old games.

    what's in it.
    - high quality 3d model for all 2017 cars in one download
    - wireframe for the decals and paint textures for easy editing
    - car numbers texture can be edited with the 3d model
    - 3ds files for all the cars for keyshot
    - instruction for viewing the decal or paint texture is included
    - a simple instruction/images on how to use texture with alpha channel with keyshot for modders that are new to keyshot

    -sample images:
    detail model and texture for keyshot
    3ds for keyshot.jpg

    If you need assistance or suggestion feel free to message me on the support tab on top of the download page.
    This is not a mod but a tool for easy editing of car textures using a 3d model.

    If you like my work and wants to support me you can do so by clicking the image below;

    Have fun modding!!
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Recent Reviews

  1. Semchance
    Version: 1.50
    thank you for the 3d models...
    I just started with modding and now i can make ny dream come true and mod a PornHub Skoda Racing Team ;)
    1. jburon72
      Author's Response
      Thanks man, Glad to hear it help you in making mod. Looking forward to that skin :D
  2. Zieonn
    Version: 1.50
    Will this mod be possible to use to make all F1 2018 liveries with no issues or would Renault like all other mods need to be on the Williams chassis (Plus any of the other ones like that like Toro Rosso)?
    1. jburon72
      Author's Response
      Thanks for the feedback mate, first i think the review is not the section for asking question, we have the support tab for it. Now to answer this 3d model correspond to the correct team. Eg.. renault 3d model = renault texture. If you still have question hit me on the support tab.
  3. asdsa42342
    Version: 1.50
    Superb job. what does it do livery makes it easier to build? is there any tutorial?
    1. jburon72
      Author's Response
      Thank you for the feedback :) I will do a tutorial on how to use the 3d models in photoshop and basic instruction on how to use it with keyshot by the end of the month
  4. Marco17_ok
    Version: 1.50
    WOW! Thanks!
    1. jburon72
      Author's Response
      Thanks man for the positive feedback. :)
  5. Molda22
    Version: 1.50
    Thank you. Great job
    1. jburon72
      Author's Response
      Thanks for the review mate. It helps me alot. :)
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