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Esotic Shift Light V1.17

Skinnable Shift Light for Assetto Corsa

  1. Esotic
    Skinning Examples here:

    YouTube Video Example Here:

    Demonstration for setting up a new car and running the learning mode:

    NEW Transparency Demo

    In V1.8 you can rev the car to maxRPM before starting your first lap to effectively set maxRPM for the vehicle. This only needs to be done the first time you run learning mode for a specific car. Some of the cars in AC already have a maxRPM value in the INI. This would definitely need to be set for any add-on cars you download, so it's a good practice to set maxRPM if you're not sure it's been done already.

    This app is mostly a basic shift light. You can change the behaviour of the app by adjusting values in the INI. Some settings are generic to the app, and some are specific to cars such as desired RPM for shifting (red light), warning (yellow light), and minimum (green).

    The default style in the V1.5 download is a digital font with a square LED rectangle, but I have provided some sample INI files for getting back to the old default or using round PNGs for the lights instead of a simple dot.

    V1.1: added an option for showing the current gear in the shift circle, which you can disable.
    V1.2: maintenance/bug fix
    V1.3: added RPM value per car for minimum green light
    V1.4: added INI entries to hide the minimum/green and warning/yellow lights. Also added an option to hide/show the lights in the cars top gear.
    V1.5: added the ability to use custom PNGs for the lights as well as a custom font for the gear indicator.
    V1.6: added a learning mode for autocalculating shift points per gear while on the 2000km drag strip.
    V1.7: fixed loading saved shift RPM per gear bug and fine-tuned the auto-learn logic. app now creates entries in the INI for car/track/config combinations. will remember your most recent track and duplicate any auto-learn shift points to that track as well as the default for the vehicle.
    V1.8: JDM cars and all additional added to the settings.ini. IgnoreRecentTrack added to the INI to skip recent track processing while in learn mode at the drag strip. maxRPM is stored in the INI per car to assist with setting shiftRPM values. In learning mode at the drag strip you should rev the car to maxRPM in neutral before starting your first lap.
    V1.9: Shift Light is now skinable per vehicle. The Ferrari 458 is already skinned in the provided settings.ini to blend in with the dash in cockpit mode.
    V1.10: Red Pack default shift points added to the INI
    V1.11: More examples for skinning
    V1.12: AC V1.8 cars added
    V1.15: Proper Transparency Support
    V1.16: Ready to Race DLC Support
    V1.17: Ferrari 70th and Bonus Pack 1 Support

    From the settings.ini header:
    ;Generic settings ------------------------
    ;lightSize can be 1, 2, 3, or 4. Use this for a simple dot in predefined sizes.
    ;Set showGear to 1 to display the gear inside the light.
    ;usePNGs = 1 will use images for the lights instead of a simple dot. Copy the relevant PNG files into the folder next to the EsoticShiftLight.py
    ;PNGFolder default is apps/python/EsoticShiftLight/. You can set this value on a per car basis
    ;Set showMin to 1 to show the green light, set it to 0 to not show it.
    ;Set showWarn to 1 to show the yellow light, set it to 0 to not show it.
    ;Set showTopGear to 1 to show the lights on the top gear, set to 0 to not show lights on the top gear.
    ;Set customFont name of custom font to use for gearLabel. Custom font must be in the content\fonts folder. Can be set per car.
    ;Set customFontSizeMultiplier to a float value 1 to adjust the size of the custom font. Can be set per car.
    ;Set customFontOffset to a value to move the gear up (negative values) or down (positive values). Can be set per car.
    ;Set customFontOffsetX to a value to move the gear left (negative values) or right` (positive values). Can be set per car.
    ;Set customAppWidth when using PNGs to adjust the width of the app and the images. Can be set per car.
    ;Set customAppHeight when using PNGs to adjust the height of the app and the images. Can be set per car.
    ;Set learningMode to 1 to enable autocalculating shift points at the drag strip. Set to 0 to disable learning mode.
    ;RecentTrackAndConfig is set automatically to help with setting autocalculate entries for track/config combos you are working on to prepare for a race.
    ;ignoreRecentTrack disables creating entries and gearing for track driven before visiting drag strip.
    ;Vehicle Specific Settings ----------------------------.
    ;Set MinRPM, WarnRPM and ShiftRPM to the RPM values that enables the green, yellow, and red lights.
    ;Set maxGear to the highest gear in the car.

Recent Reviews

  1. Jimmy Turbo
    Jimmy Turbo
    Version: V1.17
    It's really useful being able to set custom shift points for each gear and car. It would be even better if the app used power curve data for each car to calculate the perfect shift points. I know this would be tricky to achieve though because it would change every time you alter gear ratios.
  2. Kryse-777
    Version: V1.17
    appreaciate the effort you put into this
  3. Jordan Dion
    Jordan Dion
    Version: V1.17
    Thank you!
  4. Mattia_da
    Version: V1.16
    Well done, I was looking exactly something like your app.
    I think that you could add a sound (like a beep) at the shifting point, that would be awesome
    1. Esotic
      Author's Response
      That's a pretty good idea, and I've added this to my (61 page) To Do list. :)
  5. Papifix
    Version: V1.15
    Great, one of the best Apps, many thanks
  6. Jose Ferreira
    Jose Ferreira
    Version: V1.14
    Thank you so much ...and for the explanation too ...very clear ....
    thank you
  7. mmjsalsero
    Version: V1.13
    good work
  8. (deleted member)
    Version: V1.12
    Perfect! Thanks for the updates, much appreciated.
  9. (deleted member)
    Version: V1.10
    Thank you, great app!
  10. Alex72
    Version: V1.9
    Even if i dont use it atm it deserves 5 stars because its awesome for those that want/need a gear app. One of the best ones. :)
  11. slicey
    Version: V1.8
    Excellent mod. Thanks for your efforts.
  12. somake
    Version: V1.5
    oh yes thxs for improvment good work
  13. somake
    Version: V1.4
    thxs very usefull
    can you implement digital font for more realism and perhaps square size
    1. Esotic
      Author's Response
      I am working on having the lights be a PNG instead of a plain dot, which would allow for any shape you like (square included). A custom font would also be cool, but I'll need to investigate the side effects of using them (may need to set font size in the INI). Thanks for the review. :)
  14. Tobias G
    Tobias G
    Version: V1.4
    1. Esotic
      Author's Response
      Thanks for reviewing the app! There's a lot of varying opinions in that reddit thread, so I'm not sure when one you are referring to. Regardless, the INI will let you adjust the shift RPM on a per car basis, so if you believe that shifting later (at a higher RPM) is better, then you can set those exact RPM values. I have provided default values for every car in AC (no small task) to try and keep each car close to it's maximum power based on the graphs provided in the game. If there are specific cars you'd like adjusted in the default settings.ini please comment in the support thread and I will investigate those adjustments on a drag strip. Thanks!
  15. Carson Harrell
    Carson Harrell
    Version: V1.4
    Perfect little red shift light, thanks for the quick updates
  16. Tommy makeinen
    Tommy makeinen
    Version: V1.3
    i agree with ronniej its perfectly unintrusive **** thanks for this
  17. Lawndart
    Version: V1.3
    Perfect, I needed this! Setting your own RPM shift light so you can shift at peek power... not the engines rev limit that is often well beyond the HP/Torque power curve...
  18. (deleted member)
    Version: V1.1
    Nice, not too big and intrusive. Thank you.
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