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Enthic Motorsports AMG

Enthic Motorsports AMG 1.0

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EM 01.png

Hi everyone,

I hope you will enjoy this livery. I had a vision of it twelve year ago, as I was skinning under Forza Motorsport 3 on X360. It was not possible to combinate metallic paints and vinyl decals with good results, so I gave up and decided to wait for a better situation. It finally happened a couple of weeks ago when I started this paintjob.

EM 03.png

Enthic Motorsports is a fictionnal finnish team. Ent comes from the middle-earth (of course, thanks mr Tolkien) and that's what is behind these shades of green. The metallic side is obviously about AMG itself, for a silver arrow will always be a silver arrow...

EM 02.png

Feel free to tell me in the comments if you notice some things to improve, for some details may appear only under certain conditions... For example, if you play in 4k you may see some little things I could not see on my 1080 gaming monitor !

In case you want to support, please notice that donation is highly appreciated but not especially expected. My job tends to become professionnal, anyway it is a real pleasure to provide new content here for free.

EM 04.png EM 05.png EM 02.png EM 03.png

You can see more on my website, here is the link :

If interested, you can follow me on facebook, Instagram and Deviantart.

I wish you a good time playing. We may meet on the track someday,


Latest reviews

Wow!!! i love it, but i saw your blue Alpine on your site, absolutely stunning design, i love it!!! do you release that a110?
The blue Alpine's skin is the livery of fictionnal Mythos Competition
Did you notice the there is a very similar skin for Lambo Huracan evo on my site ?
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