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DonnerTechRacing Satsuma Turbocharger

DonnerTechRacing Satsuma Turbocharger 2.1.6

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very good mod, but my ScrewablePartAPI is giving error and I can't tighten the screws can you help me?
I really like this mod, the sound is awesome and it looks great. First time i won the drag race. Good job DonnerTech :)
great mod! definetly recommended. i have a suggestion. all vehicles produce vaccuum, so itd be cool if you added like a vac side to the current gauge making it analog or add a second gauge.
nice mod dude are you planning to upgrade the model and textures?
[https://www.precisionturbo.net/images/news/medium/418-1.jpg] i think it will be nice
i cant screw any bolt..... help?
it throws to maney errorand it ceaps geting bisabled so i can not use it
You should make a tutorial on youtube bro :D
There is no nedd for a tutorial.
1. There is already a written guide on how to install/use it.
2. There are alot of videos on how to use/install it.
-> some of them are also linked in the Overview.
would be nice to have a video on how to download it to the game
Friend I have a problem when I install the mod it gives me an error.
-details: Object reference not set to an instance of an object in VoidOnLoad ()
Help please I really like this mod and want to use it
read the overview. OUTPUT_LOG.TXT
The first time I tried to install this mod, I didn't make it. But this time I finally got it. Everything runs without problems. A mod that is really fun! Well done!
i loved this mod from when it fist hit. sadly i cant get my favorite set up to work. I got the racing carb with the gt turbo and i checked all the parts over for a good 2 hours and i still getting a error. do they not work together now?
Its a pretty good mod, and the cracked player get a true message. Yes, I'm a ****, and I will get the full game if I pass school (pls wish me luck). The mod works flawlessly, and Its even better with the ECU mod
Well atleast you accept it :D

Good luck.
I installed the mod, tried it, but what I do on the indicator says 'err'. please help
Cant buy it says repair even though i dont have the part what is this?
WHAT COULD ------------------>REPAIR<------------------ MEAN?!

Do you go to a car mechanic, pay to have "A" car repaired and expect to get a new car?!
Gonna give this a 5 star even though it wont let me install it it says "Please put the part on the desk where the ModShop sign is and retry. Money has been refunded" Reply if you want to give me some help.
If you don't even know what REPAIR means I'm not really Interested in helping you
Lovley mod! but when i connected the boost gauge for the gt turbo its says ERR on the guage? what am i doing wrong here?
Great mod but i had some problems with installing the turbo but i already did it i cost me 3 hours XD but i lost the boost gauge i i cant buy a new one
There is a reset button in Mod Settings. All not installed parts will spawn back at fleetaris desk
I love this mod the only thing is that after the last update I cant screw any bolts on i have tryed all the spanners and it doesnt hilght the bolt
love how if you have too much boost and the engine isnt tuned properly that it will blow the engine, pretty realistic imo great mod, scared the **** outta me at first when i was boosting my car at 78kph then all of a sudden it back fired and blew up, i lost a piston but thenks to the other 3 i could still drive back home to get it fixed up
When I installed this mod and before I buy the turbo from Fleetari, I noticed the satsuma was installed with square block texture, how can I remove it?
it says to many errors so it turns off with red text. please help.
nice mod, but after the upgrade to version 2.x the mods always says after startup **** in a message box. so what happend there?
I think you can answer that youself.
Honest review: This is a super fun project when you are inevitably bored of your anemic little dirt box. TG gave us a turbo badge, now do yourself a favor and download this mod, you posers!

Seriously, it justifies all the maintenance you already do on this rickety car. Overhaul for a reason! Non-factory forced induction is a good reason.

All the instructions are there, it's foolproof. If you like puzzles then don't read them :)
mod is quite meh and not enough tutorials or any clear ones so it was a damn pain and not worth it in my opinion
Yeah. Installation instructions are so hard. Just how many files are you supposed to copy into a single folder.
Oh right. It's 2 folders and 2 files that go into a single folder where every other mod goes... right.,,, you are just dumb

Extract the archive using something like 7-Zip or WinRar
put all files:
-> Folder "Assets"
-> Folder "References"
-> File "SatsumaTurboCharger.dll"
-> File "ModsShop.dll"
into your Mods folder
confirm if you are asked if you want to override (always do this when updating mod as files might change)

Video (thanks to "NICK'S SHOP" for making the video)/ might be outdated:
This mod is cool, but is it really supposed to drain 70-80% of my coolant just with a trip from fleetari to the town? or is something wrong with my car
Something is wrong with your car. The turbo mod does not do anything with your fluids.