1. I

    I need some help

    Well, I'm new in this so well sorry for any error... So, i recently downloaded a ECU mod (DonnerTechs's), and when i bought it on the mechanic some parts (the eletronic screen and the cruise control menu) fall under the mechanic ground, and I can't pick them up. I was taking them to car and they...
  2. Legend Evans

    I need help with the ecu display page in My Summer Car

    I install everything but the display isn't displaying the panel like this but instead it display the white number and the needle but the panel ist showing up instead it's a black background
  3. DonnerPlays

    [API][FOR MOD MAKERS] ScrewablePartAPI - Make your mod parts screwable 2.1.3

    Hey, this is an api i made, it makes it possible for you to have screws that fix your mod parts in place. !!!Warning about version >=2.1.0!!!: Every single mod using this api have to be updated for any of the mods to be able to work. The reason for this is that the api has been converted to...
  4. DonnerPlays

    DonnerTechRacing ECUs 1.4.11

    Pirates don't get any help from me and will be reported! The repair shop just got a new and fresh delivery from a german tuning parts manufacturer. From now on the Repair Shop will sell you some awesome new Products made by the company DonnerTechRacing in germany. NOTICE [1]: Bug Report...
  5. DonnerPlays

    DonnerTechRacing Satsuma Turbocharger 2.1.7

    Pirates don't get any help from me and will be reported! !!!!!!Warning!!!!!: This mod uses an outdated version of my ScrewablePart API. This will crash the mod when using it with the ecu mod if the turbo mod is installed after the ecu mod (and the file in the References folder is overriden)...