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DonnerTechRacing Satsuma Turbocharger

DonnerTechRacing Satsuma Turbocharger 2.1.6

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My other mod (adds ABS, ESP, TCS, step2RevLimiter/Launch Controll and ALS (including awd and six gears inside the ModSettings):
DonnerTechRacing ECUs

If you have a problem DON'T WRITE IN REVIEWS, I can only answer ONCE!
Write in Discussion AND ATTACH YOUR output_log.txt file!!!!!! or you will be ignored!

This mod won't work with the Supercharger mod. It changes the same value as i do causing my mod to not be able to set the value. Nothing I can do about that!!!!!

I have seen several people uploading videos of my mods without linking to the original source
or even giving versions of my mods out without asking if the are allowed to.

Please keep in mind that I as the creator own the copyright to those mods and assets.
Which means I'm also able to for example on youtube: get your video taken down.

I don't think this is necessary in any way so I ask you very nice to please link to my original work either to this site racedepartent or nexus (or both).

I will usually try and ask you to add links to my mod or remove files that include my mods.

You are not allowed to earn money with my mods -> not even ****** or crap like that!
If not allowed by me (which usually won't happen).

Do not share files that have my mods in them (like savegames).

This is not to prevent you from sharing your save game like
for example advertized as "... turbo ... savegame" or anything
but to prevent outdated files roaming around and in return causing people to come to me and ask why there version of the mod won't work and ask for a fix (usually without supplying any useful information).

*Sharing config files found under Mod Settings is fine and obviously needed for a savegame

Just please link to them, If a person is interested they can get it from the original source with the latest updates and fixes.

small turbo = gt turbo
big turbo = racing turbo.

If you see me saying big/small turbo i mean the above.
In earlier versions the turbos were named big/small.


Make sure there is no modapi_v130 inside the Mods/References folder

Alot of people have shown that they are not able to give any information to get help.
I will now ignore every "dont work, just throw to many errors" or anything similar.
If you want any help. The least i now expect is your output_log.txt file
output_log.txt can be found in <My Summer Car install location>/mysummercar_data/output_log.txt

if the mod crashes when using MOP set MOP to "Safe Mode"

If you make a video about my mod I would appreciate you menioning it in the description :) and linking to either this site or nexus

Thanks to the two people that have donated something to me
one with bitcoins
and the other person with paypal
, i really appreciate that :)
-> If you want to donate too, you can do that over at nexus where i have added the donation function with paypal <-
-> You don't need to donate anything, EVER, I'm not doing this to get money

if you have usefull videos (like good installation videos) let me know and I can add them to the overview for people (I need permission of the video maker)
You can buy the parts at fleetari's repair shop for these prices:
Racing Turbocharger Kit: 8100
Racing Turbocharger Blowoff valve: 1350
GT Turbocharger Intercooler Tube: 500
GT Turbocharger Airfilter: 800
TwinCarb Manifold Kit: 1950
Weber Manifold Kit: 2250
Racing Turbocharger Hood: 1800
Intercooler: 3500
Boost Gauge: 180
Racing turbocharger straight exhaust: 1000
Exhaust header: 2100
*some parts spawn in the backroom

You can no longer buy the small turbo, you have to find it.
When you were discussing with Fleetari if superchargers or giant turbochargers are better. He menioned how a person a while ago living in a house in the woods imported a special GT Turbocharger from an at the time unknown german tuning company called DonnerTechRacing. It was the first ever turbocharger manufactured for the Satsuma 100A. This person with his special small turbocharger with quick response and alot of tuning possibilities dominated the rally races around town. Unfortunately he died in a rally accidient that send his one of a kind Satsuma 100A TURBO into the grave.

The turbocharger was never found.
The only thing currently known about this accident is that a green car was seen nearby Fleetari repair shop on the road leading to Peräjärvi some minutes before the accident happened at the exact same location right before the bridge where the legendary Satsuma 100A TURBO rolled over into the woods next to the shed.

Small turbo (GT Turbocharger) and all pipes needed for various configurations
Big turbo (Racing Turbocharger) and all pipes for various configurations
Racing turbocharger blowoff valve
GT turbocharger airfilter
GT turbocharger intercooler
Racing turbocharger hood with hole to fit it through
TwinCarb manifold and all pipes for various configurations
WeberCarb manifold and all pipes for various configurations
Boost gauge
Racing turbocharger straight exhaust pipe (replaces Racing Turbo Outlet Pipe)
Exhaust header
  • Racing turboccharger, GT turbocharger, intercooler, both manifolds, Racing turbocharger blowoff valve and Racing turbocharger Hood can be painted
    ("USE" key has to be "F")
  • Racing turbocharger maximum boost can be adjusted with the blowoff valve (always required to be installed)
  • GT turbocharger maximum boost can be adjusted with the preinstalled wastegate
  • Boost gauge displays current boost created by turbo
  • gt turbocharger produces less power but at a lower rpm
  • racing turbocharger produces more power but at a higher rpm
  • Position reset button in Mod Settings
  • Used color for PaintingSystem can be changed in Mod Settings where you can toggle between using my colors (for example orange = more orange) or the stock ingame colors
  • Depending on which parts are installed the turbo has a higher/lower max boost
  • most parts have to be bought at Fleetari repair shop using ModsShop
  • Blowoff sound when using the Big turbo (Racing Turbocharger) when letting of the gas
  • turbocharger spool sound both small and big
  • gt turbocharger spool sound changes when airfilter is used
  • Wear system.
    Intercooler damage limits the max boost the turbo can reach
    GT airfilter reduces wear on the GT turbo
    If wear of a turbo is below 25% a grinding sound is played
    If wear of a part is below 15% the part can randomly fall off
    Parts can be repaired at the ModsShop (where you bought them)
  • ScrewablePartAPI: most parts have to be screwed in. Some screws are more hidden!!!
  • Racing turbocharger straight exhaust:
    if installed has a 1:8 chance of triggering flames
    *If ecu-mod is installed and ALS is enabled it has a 100% chance
  • Intercooler
  • both manifolds (twinCarb and weber (raceCarb)) text
  • racing turbocharger hood
  • both turbos (small and big) turbine wheels
  • blowoff valve for big turbo
  • small turbo wastegate (will change with turbine wheel color)
  • airfilter
  1. Parts get painted by having your "USE key set to "F" and then taking a spraycan into your hand by aiming at it and pressing "F" -> same as for the ingame parts
  2. Go to the part and aim at it (best to uninstall them from car as sometimes you can't aim at them correcly and they won't be painted)
  3. Press Mouse Button like you would to spray an ingame part)
  4. (You don't need to wait for the spray to finish, it should immediately change color)
  5. If part doesn't change color try again

You can't install all parts (if you install one part of the gt turbo the other parts of the racing turbo can't be installed)
(same for twincarb and weber)

You can't install small and big turbo

  • Manifold: at the race carb (weber)/twinCarb
  • Exhaust Inlet/Outlet: left from the steel headers (both small and big turbo)
  • Intercooler tube: somewhat below the battery (both small and big turbo)
  • Gt turbocharger twincarb manifold tube (ontop of gt turbo)
  • Turbo: where the 3 pipes meet
  • Intercooler: front bumper bottom
  • Boost gauge: next to the air/fuel gauge on the left of the dashboard
  • Blowoff valve: on big intercooler tube
  • gt turbocharger airfilter: front of gt turbocharger
  • straight exhaust: replaces Racing Exhaust Outlet pipe
  • Exhaust header: goes where the stock headers or steel headers go
Most racing turbo parts installed
Most Racing Turbo Parts Installed.jpg

Most gt turbo parts installed
Most GT Turbo Parts Installed.jpg

Exhaust header
Exhaust Header.jpg

GT airfilter
GT Airfilter.jpg

GT intercooler pipe
GT Intercooler Pipe.jpg

GT turbo
GT Turbo.jpg


Racing turbo blowoff valve
Racing Turbo Blowoff Valve.jpg

Racing turbo hood
Racing Turbo Hood.jpg

Racing turbo kit
Racing Turbo Kit.jpg

Racing turbo straight exhaust
Racing Turbo Straight Exhaust.jpg

TwinCarb kit
TwinCarb Kit.jpg

WeberCarb kit
WeberCarb Kit.jpg

Mod Settings
Mod Settings.jpg

Mod is currently tested on the 23.12.2019 update including latest experimental version as of 20.05.2020

Extract the archive using something like 7-Zip or WinRar
put all files:
-> Folder "Assets"
-> Folder "References"
-> File "SatsumaTurboCharger.dll"
-> File "ModsShop.dll"
into your Mods folder
confirm if you are asked if you want to override (always do this when updating mod as files might change)

Video (thanks to "NICK'S SHOP" for making the video)/ might be outdated:

(v2.0.1) How to install Racing Turbocharger (made by @Dżimson)

(v2.0.1) Where to find GT turbocharger & Install (made by @Dżimson)

Inside the Mod Settings of the mod you can find a Debug gui button which will display various turbocharger values like powerMultiplier, boost generated and actual driving speed (will display more than the speedometer can)

When above a specific rpm value, if you let go off the throttle you will hear a blowoff sound when using the racing turbocharger

Needed: https://www.racedepartment.com/downloads/msc-mod-loader.15339/
Needed (ModsShop): https://github.com/piotrulos/MSC-Mods (included in mod archive)
Needed: https://github.com/DonnerPlays/ScrewablePartAPI (included in mod archive)

Soundfiles can be changed, just rename them to the same name as the original file.
Installation/Position can also be reset by deleting partSave and ColorSave in Mods/Config/Mod Settings/SatsumaTurboCharger

(? = unsure)
  • Draw power grapth/turbo grapth (?)
  • check for air fuel mixture and decrease/increase boost
  • make n2o usable
  • increase fuel consumption when turbo is used/installed
  • more grip (?)
  • speedometer (?) (digital) (?)
more features as i have new ideas or by suggestions

  • Original speedometer can only display around 250km/h-> might add a new speedometer (with digital display?)
  • nos is useless and will decrease the power.
  • Your "Use" key has to be "F" otherwise painting the parts won'T wprl

If you have any other ideas let me know and i might implement them.
File size
10.7 MB
First release
Last update
4.29 star(s) 171 ratings

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Latest updates

  1. Another fix for the cruise control from ecu-mod

    forgot to look if the gt turbo also works with the last fix. It didn't :D Changelog v2.1.6...
  2. Quick notice for people sharing/showing parts of my mods.

    First off: I have nothing against you sharing your savegames that have my mods in them (save...
  3. and another quick fix :)

    Quick fix for a bug report on nexus. This prevented the turbocharger from producint pressure...
  4. Small fix for the ecu mod antilag

    Just a small fix for the turbo blowoff sound not working when antilag from the ecu-mod was...
  5. Fixes fixes fixes

    Changelog v2.1.3 - Changed blowoff sound to an actual blowoff sound instead of turbo flutter -...

Latest reviews

it throws to maney errorand it ceaps geting bisabled so i can not use it
You should make a tutorial on youtube bro :D
There is no nedd for a tutorial.
1. There is already a written guide on how to install/use it.
2. There are alot of videos on how to use/install it.
-> some of them are also linked in the Overview.
would be nice to have a video on how to download it to the game
Friend I have a problem when I install the mod it gives me an error.
-details: Object reference not set to an instance of an object in VoidOnLoad ()
Help please I really like this mod and want to use it
read the overview. OUTPUT_LOG.TXT
The first time I tried to install this mod, I didn't make it. But this time I finally got it. Everything runs without problems. A mod that is really fun! Well done!
i loved this mod from when it fist hit. sadly i cant get my favorite set up to work. I got the racing carb with the gt turbo and i checked all the parts over for a good 2 hours and i still getting a error. do they not work together now?
Its a pretty good mod, and the cracked player get a true message. Yes, I'm a ****, and I will get the full game if I pass school (pls wish me luck). The mod works flawlessly, and Its even better with the ECU mod
Well atleast you accept it :D

Good luck.
I installed the mod, tried it, but what I do on the indicator says 'err'. please help
Cant buy it says repair even though i dont have the part what is this?
WHAT COULD ------------------>REPAIR<------------------ MEAN?!

Do you go to a car mechanic, pay to have "A" car repaired and expect to get a new car?!
Gonna give this a 5 star even though it wont let me install it it says "Please put the part on the desk where the ModShop sign is and retry. Money has been refunded" Reply if you want to give me some help.
If you don't even know what REPAIR means I'm not really Interested in helping you
Lovley mod! but when i connected the boost gauge for the gt turbo its says ERR on the guage? what am i doing wrong here?
Great mod but i had some problems with installing the turbo but i already did it i cost me 3 hours XD but i lost the boost gauge i i cant buy a new one
There is a reset button in Mod Settings. All not installed parts will spawn back at fleetaris desk
I love this mod the only thing is that after the last update I cant screw any bolts on i have tryed all the spanners and it doesnt hilght the bolt
love how if you have too much boost and the engine isnt tuned properly that it will blow the engine, pretty realistic imo great mod, scared the **** outta me at first when i was boosting my car at 78kph then all of a sudden it back fired and blew up, i lost a piston but thenks to the other 3 i could still drive back home to get it fixed up
When I installed this mod and before I buy the turbo from Fleetari, I noticed the satsuma was installed with square block texture, how can I remove it?
it says to many errors so it turns off with red text. please help.
nice mod, but after the upgrade to version 2.x the mods always says after startup **** in a message box. so what happend there?
I think you can answer that youself.
Honest review: This is a super fun project when you are inevitably bored of your anemic little dirt box. TG gave us a turbo badge, now do yourself a favor and download this mod, you posers!

Seriously, it justifies all the maintenance you already do on this rickety car. Overhaul for a reason! Non-factory forced induction is a good reason.

All the instructions are there, it's foolproof. If you like puzzles then don't read them :)
mod is quite meh and not enough tutorials or any clear ones so it was a damn pain and not worth it in my opinion
Yeah. Installation instructions are so hard. Just how many files are you supposed to copy into a single folder.
Oh right. It's 2 folders and 2 files that go into a single folder where every other mod goes... right.,,, you are just dumb

Extract the archive using something like 7-Zip or WinRar
put all files:
-> Folder "Assets"
-> Folder "References"
-> File "SatsumaTurboCharger.dll"
-> File "ModsShop.dll"
into your Mods folder
confirm if you are asked if you want to override (always do this when updating mod as files might change)

Video (thanks to "NICK'S SHOP" for making the video)/ might be outdated:
This mod is cool, but is it really supposed to drain 70-80% of my coolant just with a trip from fleetari to the town? or is something wrong with my car
Something is wrong with your car. The turbo mod does not do anything with your fluids.
It is a great mod i love it especially with the ecu mod but the thing is, the air filter doesnt go onto the turbo intake hole, which would b every nice if added but overall, 5 stars.
Very nice and well made mod but just one little error when I try to buy the gt supercharger it keeps saying repair and I have never bought the gt supercharger just want it because I don’t like how the hood stands out of the color paint job at fleataris
Read the Overview. You don't buy the gr turbo.
best mod
best mod!
i cant install the mods to my satsuma it dont work but can i get link foe old one