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Dodd's T500 force feedback tweaks 3.0

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What is this?

This is a force-feedback configuration for T500 users. It will not affect your button mappings - or any other RFactor settings.

It improves the dynamic range of the wheel - maximising the power of the motor and more accurately replicating the forces output from the game.

  • Feel the car load up under downforce and braking.
  • Make understeer more clear.
  • Catch slides.

How do I use it?

1. Be sure to have the latest T500 firmware.

2. Set TM profiler to default. Then move 'overall strength' to 100%.

3. Copy all the text from the attached file and paste it over the "Force Feedback" section in your controller profile in rFactor 2\UserData\Controller. Save the profile.

4. Open RFactor, go to controls options, click load and find the profile you just saved. Accept.

5. When in the pit menu, 'Car-Specific FFB Multi' is available. Most cars will be best beween 0.60 - 1.00. I recommend using Simhub for a visual ffb meter to help properly set it for each vehicle; only very infrequent clipping is desirable.

6.All Done

Latest updates

  1. Fine tuning - accuracy improvements.

    Now requires 'overall strength' in TM controller settings set at 100%. Fine tuning for better...
  2. Tuning

    Further small adjustments. Final version - assuming that there are no changes to the json file...
  3. Dodd's T500 FFB Tweaks V2

    Improvements to linearity and motor utilisation: Anti-friction implemented. (Much easier to...

Latest reviews

Absolutely brilliant !! With the mod of Reiza is sublime.
Amazing work, using this with Podium DD1 F1 Rim
and it's crazy!!

Sens Auto
ForceFeedback 100
Shock 100
ABS 75
Force Effekt 100
Spring 100
Damper 100
Natural Damper 50
Natural Friction 1
Brake Force 50
FFB Intensity 90
MPS Auto

Ingame multiplier around 0.50 and Filtering 8
Hi Mikk. :) Glad you like it but I'm very surprised it works well with the DD1 as it was really made specifically for the T500.
workin on Podium too, great job, thx much !!
por ahora va genial: Gracias
Has anyone tried this with a T300rs?
Hi, the T300 is too different for this to be remotely useful sorry.
Excellent! Only changed the resistance coefficient to -0.3. Can confirm this works well with S397 and Reiza cars!
I'm using this since the last update, and after a lot of testing and comparing with standard rf2 settings, i have to say: this is great! Maybe set the steering resistance coefficient from -0,6 to -0,35- -0,4 in controller.json if you want a little more resistance. But even -0,6 improved my laptimes and countersteering. T500rs users should give it a try. (Sorry for the late review, i always forgot...)
Feels a little light for my taste, but I'll adjust the control panel higher to see if that helps. First test DID result in faster lap times.
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