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Do you ever race in VR?

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    Votes: 495 36.1%
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    Votes: 876 63.9%

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  1. DRL Vici

    G920 bug - Someone help me please!

    I like to play with 100% gain on forcefeedback. And for about one hour playing the steering wheel begins to turn light like forcefeedback were in 80%. This is so bored because I always need to readapt my handling always I have play. Obs: I opened a ticket on the 505 games, but as always they...
  2. D

    Dodd's T500 force feedback tweaks 3.0

    What is this? This is a force-feedback configuration for T500 users. It will not affect your button mappings - or any other RFactor settings. It improves the dynamic range of the wheel - maximising the power of the motor and more accurately replicating the forces output from the game. Feel...