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Deep Forest Raceway Ver 1.1

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scratch track mod DeepForest Raceway

Made by myself
・Partial assetto Corsa standard resource use
・I use some CSP FX

Screenshot_ks_toyota_supra_mkiv_deepforest_raceway_7-5-120-20-51-35.jpg Screenshot_ks_toyota_supra_mkiv_deepforest_raceway_7-5-120-21-11-11.jpg Screenshot_ks_toyota_supra_mkiv_deepforest_raceway_8-5-120-16-36-50.jpg Screenshot_ks_toyota_supra_mkiv_deepforest_raceway_9-5-120-2-30-27.jpg Screenshot_suzuki_alto_ha23v_deepforest_raceway_7-5-120-1-54-44.jpg

Prohibition of diversion without permission, I would be glad if you say one word

Latest updates

  1. Deep Forest Raceway add layout

    fix ・Minor correction add ・reverse layout and camera
  2. Deep Forest Raceway graphic fix

    fix ・track map ・extension [LIGHT_...]CONDITION parameter

Latest reviews

Great work on this great Gran Turismo track.
What you did is magnificent.
BIG thank you ;)
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Supere awesome track! GT vibes!
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Such a pleasure to race on this brilliant track. It's beautifully made in every way, thanks a lot !
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GREAT track! Thank You Very Much!
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I know what i will be doing during the weekend <3
Thank you!
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tested with a controller looks nice.
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So much fun :-) Thank you!
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Beautiful track !!!
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Just WOW! You did a great job. Never got to play GT before, so now I do :)
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Love it :)
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Excellent! A lot of nostalgy)
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comme au bon vieux temp. juste génial
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It's a pleasure to have Gran Turismo tracks on Assetto, and this mod is one of the best.
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Perfect. One of the best mods
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A really nice work
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Wow, fantastic job mate ! What an incredible throwbak in time thx to you !
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Amazing track - loads of nostalgia fun :)
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Amazing. Good job. Thank you.
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Awesome! Thank you : )
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