Fuji Speed way shortcourse

Fuji Speed way shortcourse Ver 1.0

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Latest reviews

Excellent quality as usual.

To me, if it had a few more grid slots (18), and a better AI, it'd be perfect. Can't wait to see the progress!
Love the track, elevation changes seems more real to life than the older versions available as well, which adds a lot to the immersion. But I'd love to see a "free roam" version without all the cones!

Other than that, great work, and looking forward to updates on this track! :)
Great little track although I feel like tree shaders could be easily improved.
This is a true 5 Star Work !
Excellent work, can't wait to see the rest!
Nice work, thanks
incredible work as always. keep it up <3
素晴らしい !
arigato gozaimasu! thanks for release!! will definitely work on some cameras later!
Amazing track, good job! I followed your progress on Twitter for some time, great it's finally released! Thanks!