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Deep Forest Raceway Ver 1.1

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Good job. Found this track on someone's video:)
Really fun track and brings back early GT memories :)
Simply amazing
one of my favorite track in GT, this is great. thank you!!!
this is the my first rating with so much flames. I just tried it and then couldn't take my hands from the wheel for 3,5 hours with gt3's, gt4's etc.

al those elevation changes, kerbs, deep kerbs, curves after curves makes you so creative about different racing lines; and specially when you are in a race other than a hot lap it gives you so many opportunities and chances to pass or to get passed.

loved it!
Well done! Thank you!
No words to describe. Just thank you and my 2 cents are this camtool set
Awesome, now where is my PlayStation 1?
GT <3 Nice job
Another awesome track,thank you :)
Fantastic track! If possible could you add more pit slots? would be awesome to have 24/32 pits
Perfect.Thank you for reminding me of my childhood :)
Hi DTM1120! i like what you did here, but i have better news for you. Please, see your PM´s.
Amazing track and great work!
Well done! Thank you for reviving this track!
I've seen a loot of Gran Turismo tracks recreated for several sims, with varying results. This one is by far the best one. Looks identical to the real thing, and drives pretty good.
Only one thing, I feel the track is a bit too small, like if I was trying to drive a car on a go-kart track. But maybe it's just my perception. Anyway, great job !!!!
just needs a good physical mesh and it would be absolutely top
Excellent track! The sound in the tunnel was sensational! Thanks and best wishes!
Best Gran Turismo track for AC yet! This takes me back to PS2 days)
I guess it's my tradition now to make videos about tracks and cars I enjoy most, so if you hesitate check this out:
Excellent work. Not sure which version of GT you based it on but my very long-term memory of GT1 and GT2 served me quite well (which, if anything, were a little trickier than this). Mines R32 felt appropriate for a first drive. Loads of fun.
Excellent, looking forward on the further improves you can do with the Deep Forest Raceway in the future.

All that is left are the Trial Mountain and the Grindelwald tracks from my childhood and my favorite GT tracks will be complete! :)
One my new favourites. Stunning and challenging track and the nostalgia- thanks!!
Fantastic track thank you for posting.
That's a great track, thank you very much!
My favorite track from my favorite game. Thank you!
Recent update was convincing me to give 5 stars until I tried the track. Sadly, the track feel like it's competitively worse now. The track is already hard as it is with the elevations, but with the recent addition, even the AI cannot keep in line, flying off into walls. I think getting the grip and mesh right on track for it to be suitable for high speed racing will be the real change required.
really really really good quality work!
but i would say, all the trees and treelines are feeling too small compared to the car, or compared to the GT original. 4 stars, that you notice my feedback. will give 5 stars in the future.
Very well done, enjoyable to drive and looks great too!
Very nice!!!!
Great job!
What an absolute gem of a track. I have been chucking the Nissan BTCC around it for the last 2 hours. Such fun and such a memory refresh from the GT days. Brilliant work.