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[ DATA REPLACEMENT] For 1969 Dino Ferrari 246GT

[ DATA REPLACEMENT] For 1969 Dino Ferrari 246GT .9

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**Now includes the DINO MONZA 3.6 EVO as seen on Jay Leno's Garage**

4/29/20 The star of this download is now the Dino Monza 3.6 Evo but the original two files with the Lancia Stratos drivetrain are still included. The original overview is as follows...

Imagine it's 1973 and you have just bought a 1969 Ferrari Dino with a blown engine for a good price. You've researched these cars and you know that the Lancia Stratos that is currently tearing up the rally world uses the very same engine although it has aluminum heads and a turbocharger. More power! Lots more power. The stock naturally aspirated Dino Ferrari had 195 bhp. It handled well but lacked some guts. The Lancia Stratos had a couple of different engine performance versions. The Group 4 racing version had 280 bhp engine and one step above that was a 305 bhp version. Being that you're Italian and you have a rich Uncle Luigi who is involved in European rally sports you are able to score one of these fabulous Stratos engines for your Dino. Heck, he sent you both versions! This is a real sensible swap that may have actually happened in real life....who knows?

First you need to have the 1969 Ferrari Dino 246GT by Full Throttle or x4fab (same car). It can be found at A******land or you can find it with an internet search. By the way while you are at A******land I recommend you also download the two versions of the Lancia Stratos you can find there. Hillclimber12 helped make those cars and I have his permission to use files from them for this mod.
Make three new folders. Title one "ferrari_dino_gto" Title another one "ferrari_dino_gtr" and title the third one "ferrari_dino_monza"
Copy all the contents of your downloaded stock Ferrari Dino folder into the three new folders you just created.
Inside the zip file that you will download from here you will find three folders containing new data and ui folders for each new car. Simply paste those folders over the contents of the appropriate cars and you are done. Overwrite as prompted.
You will need to find a sound sfx pack for your new Dino's. You can use the 'replace sound' feature in Content Manager. You could simply alias it to the sound of the original car if you like or maybe from the Stratos. Hillclimber12 has a sound update available here on Race Department for the Stratos. Another one that works well is the Lancia LC2 Group C which can also be found at As*****land.

***I recommend using the sfx from the kunos Ferrari 458 Italia Stage 3 for the Monza sound.***

These high performance Dino's are a lot of fun to drive. They are mid-engine cars and now they have some power to really have fun. The new Monza edition takes things up to another level. Great L.A. Canyons cars. Enjoy!----OldRebel

Latest updates

  1. Now includes Dino Monza Evo

    After my original upload of data replacement files for the Ferrari Dino 246GT I stumbled across...

Latest reviews

Absolutely fantastic !!
I can't imagine the work and the various trials that this kind of mod required to get to this result.
It is so much fun to drive these wonderful cars.
Thank you for your hard work and your commitment to keeping AC at such a high level of fun and quality.
This is more than excellent!! First took out the Monza for a spin on Nordschleife, but it drove like a boat out of the box (sorry). The GTO felt a lot better, but the GTR is my absolute fav, especially after tweaking the suspension and such. I'm sure the Monza will handle better on Nords with some tweaking but the GTR keeps me going all day on Nords with a smile on my face :) And the LC2 sound does match it well.
Thanks for the work and clear instructions OldRebel! If I can make a donation, I'd be happy to.
Damn, a few days I bought a 308 GTS mod from some Brazillian dude for a premium price but it doesn't come even close to being driveable...
Thank you for the comments and the stars. I agree that the GTR model is lots of fun and I will revisit that Monza model. You will never see a donation button on anything I do. I have downloaded so much for free for so many years that I am just trying to give back a bit in my own small way. Thanks for asking though.
Well I'm a moron, didn't read the installation guide on the earlier version. Once the user error has been, here comes the correct rating.
Thank you for the correction. I'm glad you got it worked out.
Nice Job !
Many thanks for these different versions. They all have their own specific character. Excellent job!
Maybe someone can make the red interior and the 17'" rims for the Dino Monza.......?
Thank you for your comments and the stars! Yes, I would love to see the Dino Monza be fully and properly modded by a pro.
Definitely a fun upgrade and i love the "backstory" to this mod. Works really well with the LC2 sound. I'm off to try out the Monza conversion now.
Thanks for this :)
Thank you for the stars and the comments You will love the Monza I think.
Excellent the 1969 ferrari dino 24gt is at asettoland
Nice! But you could include the back-up-files in the download as well. :)
I'm not sure what you mean. I have had my hand slapped by Race Department before for including content that they tell me I can't include so I am very cautious now. There seems to be grey areas that I stumble through. Thanks for the comment and the stars anyway.
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